Tranquil Dreams Podcast #19: What’s Up 2021 Week 26 & 27

Welcome to the next episode of Tranquil Dreams Podcast as we go back for a double week recap of Week 26 and Week 27. Two weeks for 2 reasons: The first to catch back up and second, Week 27 is a little it of completion of things starts in Week 26 so a good double week to do instead of pretending I didn’t finish and having to only wrap up the week after.

This episode, I talk about the first impressions of Want, a novel that I started and dive into an overview of the gaming franchise The Room before discussing its latest game, The Room 4: Old Sins finally ported to PC after 2 years released on mobile. In terms of movie, its a look at the new Netflix film Good on Paper and some rewatches and sequels while TV is a quick talk about my thoughts on the latest Netflix Chinese series The Rational Life as well as the second season of Too Hot to Handle and the first Amazon Prime series that I watched and finished obviously!

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

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Music in the Episode:
There It Is by Kevin MacLeod

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