Tranquil Dreams Podcast #8: What’s Up 2021 Week 14 & 15

Welcome to the next episode of Tranquil Dreams Podcast! We’re technically supposed to be back to a weekly recap but a change in my schddule and setting a routine has causes it to be a little delayed! So, here we are! One more biweekly and then we will be back on track completely instead of the am entire week behind. I think it actually works better. Isn’t that great? Plus, I realized that it landed on a week that I pretty much was focusing so much on catch up and other things that I didn’t do a whole lot of things in each category so these two weeks has actually quite a bit to offer combined together.

With that said, this week, I may go a little deeper in what I’ve done from what I’ve finished to new additions on what I’ve been playing, watching and binging! And you know what? All segments are back in action. Pretty much…kind of…

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

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Music in the Episode:
There It Is by Kevin MacLeod

Listen to the Show:
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