Tranquil Dreams Podcast #6: What’s Up 2021 Week 10 & 11

Welcome to the next episode of Tranquil Dreams Podcast as we cover the next two weeks of What’s Up 2021 for Weeks 10 & 11. We are almost all caught up so bear with me as I get things back to pace. Yet again, I’m pretty much a week late for this episode going out so next podcast will cover 2 weeks as well. However, let’s focus on the current 2 weeks on hand where I talk about what I was reading, playing, watching and binging.

These two weeks is slowly back on track with three categories back in motion as Game Warp gets back on track so gaming is also in action along with watching and binging. Reading will be back soonish. Might take a little while. I talk about that a little.

Hope you enjoy!

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Music in the Episode:
There It Is by Kevin MacLeod

Listen to the Show:
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