Tranquil Dreams Podcast #5: What’s Up 2021 Week 8 & 9

As things slowly get back to normal, podcast will hopefully get back on track. This episode, What’s Up 2021 is recapping Weeks 8 and 9 of the year through the reading, playing, watching and binging. In all categories, its fairly unbalanced as expected as the 2 weeks aren’t really focused on this other than a lot of work. Either way, what can we do? Its over now and I can only look back and talk about what’s gone on. Plus, there are some really cool discoveries so hopefully, I will share some fun new titles for you all to check out if you haven’t already. As a note, its been a heavier focus on movies and TV these 2 weeks.

I’m playing a game of catch-up right now and vouched to do 2 weeks here and then another 2 weeks What’s Up episode coming up next for Week 10 & 11 and then things should get back to normal on a weekly basis. Fingers crossed since work will pick up soon and these podcasts can’t really be done in advance a lot so it might go back to a biweekly format. We will see in time!

I’m still polishing this series and with the pandemic and work schedule a little crazy, my routine has taken a little switching up every few weeks causing this inconsistency and a little hard to find a set time to record and edit throughout the week. Bear with me as this (hopefully) calms down. I keep saying it but workload has been abnormally elevated so its hard to really tell at this point.

Either way, hope you enjoy this episode and let me know what you think and what you’ve been reading/watching/binging/playing!

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Music in the Episode:
There It Is by Kevin MacLeod

Listen to the Show:
Google Podcasts

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