Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021: The Kid (1921) by Plain, Simple Tom Reviews

Moving on the first guest entry for Ultimate Decades Blogathon! We have a wonderfully timed review of 1921’s The Kid by Plain Simple Tom Reviews! Head on over to Drew’s Movie Reviews to check it out!

Remember to drop by here tomorrow to see the next guest entry!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

Welcome to the middle of the first week of the sixth annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021. I’m really excited for this entry because this is the type of deep cut I was hoping to see. Today’s review comes from Tom of Plain, Simple Tom Reviews. Tom reviews a wide range of films on his blog with great insight. I highly recommend you go check out his blog if you don’t already follow him. Now, about his entry, when Kim and I changed the format from a specific decade to specific years in a decade, that opened up the possibility of someone like Tom reaching back 100 years in film history. With The Kid celebrating its centennial this year, Tom chose to spotlight it for the Ultimate Decades Blogathon.

The Kid movie poster

For this particular blogathon, we have been invited to discuss films from any year ending in a 1 and…

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