Movies and Tea #26 – Fight Club

Next episode for Movies and Tea is here! Time to move along with the Season 5 as we continue through David Fincher’s films and discuss Fight Club,. A first time watch for myself! Head on over to Movies and Tea and give it a listen!

Movies and Tea

Our re-evaulation of David Fincher’s filmography continues with the  cult favourite Fight Club as our unnamed narrator find a unique outlet for his frustrations while soon setting out to reset the social balance. 

A film not appricated during it’s original release, it would soon find a huge cult following on it’s home release with Fincher showcasing a memorable style and flair with a heavy dose of the blackest of humour in this tale of mischief, mayhem and soap.

Further Viewing

Daniel Isn’t Real
American History X
Shutter Island
Das Experiment

Further Reading – Chuck Palahunik

Fight Club
Invisable Monsters

Music on this episode

The Dust Brothers (Feat. Tyler Durdan) – This Is Your Life
Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare
The Pixies – Where Is My Mind?

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