What’s Up 2020: Week 38

Another week as passed and as things in real life is going slowly out of hand again where I am in terms of the pandemic as we are pretty much in the beginning of the second wave, its been just wrapping things up here and there and taking it a little slower in the past week. Let’s check it out!


  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Review)

Currently reading: The Walled City

Back to reading some TBR from my own shelf and not reading commitments actually feels kind of nice. I actually have a lot of stuff sitting around on my book shelves waiting to be read like the entire trolley that I’ve dedicated to it so its a work in progress. Fangirl took a little while mostly because of having no time to read but once I found time, it was one that I blazed through. It was a lot of fun and I did like it quite a bit. The review is up already so you can check that out for all my thoughts on it.

I did start up a next novel inspired by a conversation that my husband and I had about Hong Kong’s Walled City back in the days and well, I happen to have a book called Walled City so figured, why not! I’m about 25% through and its been rather fun also. Its set on a countdown of days which what its for is still a mystery so we will see where it all goes from there. I should get through this fairly quickly as have to hop onto another book commitment for an upcoming blog tour.


  • Luna

Currently playing: *contemplating Xbox Game Pass titles: Tell Me Why/Ori and the Will of the Wisps/Night Call/Wolfenstein Youngblood*

Like I said, wrapping things up, right? Got into some more gaming time and finished up Luna. Honestly, this game is really simple and really short so its all about dedicating the time to just do it one go. Its rather charming both in its art style and the story and narration although the game itself had some little one-dimensional puzzles but I don’t know if its more of an experience and not meant for deep gameplay since it is also geared for VR experience and probably more immersive as that than a normal gaming experience.

With Xbox Game Pass for PC leaving beta, its price is increasing to something I think its a bit high so I stopped by subscription finally since I wasn’t doing much with it anyways but there are some nice additions that I want to check out hopefully before the sub ends. Its just which one is what I’m contemplating for the next game as well as maybe some streaming. Its been on my mind for a few months so I probably should just do it. I have a general list above so let me know if you’ve played any of these and which you’d recommend.


  • Michael McIntyre: Showman (2020)
  • Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015 rewatch, Review)
  • Dr. Jason Leong: Hashtag Blessed (2020)
  • Fantasy Island (2020)

While the stand-up comedy shows were both more entertaining than Fantasy Island, Fantasy Island is the only new actual movie that I watched this week. I did start another movie but fell asleep due to some funky insomnia last week so going to give that a go again. Fantasy Island is alright. The premise is better than the execution to be honest. Its definitely more thriller than horror. I won’t dive too much in it since I will be doing a review on it soon.

On that note, its not my highlight but my go-to rewatch is always Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. Mostly because its a digital version and I can easily put it on whenever I want so its a good pairing and a fun little premise that I truly love more and more. Plus, its made me think about doing a month of just movies set outside of Canada since in this current state, there’s no travelling to other countries and we can only live through movies that explore other cities in their own movies. Could be fun, right?


  • The American Barbecue Showdown 2020 (2020)

Currently binging: Great Escape:Season 2, Love Signal 3, Handsome Siblings, Count Your Lucky Stars, Sing China 2020, Go Newbies, The Journey Across The Night

As some Chinese shows come to end or just fall of the map from my watch list for picking up later, I got back to some Netflix stuff. Of course, its always the food shows that I’m on track with. We checked out The American Barbecue Showdown which was really fun to watch and made us immensely hungry at the same time. I have a TV binge coming within the next week. On that note, some promising shows popped up Netflix in the last while that I’m hoping to check out, especially Ratched because I love Sarah Paulson in pretty much everything that I’ve seen her in and the premise looks really good.

As for variety shows, Great Escape S2 has only one side episode to wrap it up. Count the Lucky Stars was a true binge and I’ve caught up to the current episode and its probably going to do the pain in the ass thing where the final episode will get bumped to the following week just to torture its viewers a little more with the wait. But I can’t get enough of Jerry Yan and Shen Yue…the former is just fantastic, so much better than the Meteor Garden days, both appearance and acting skills. The new series that I started would be The Journey Across The Night which is a little bit of a horror psychological thriller sort of show set in Hong Kong and creepy hauntings and schizophrenia. I’m only 2 episodes in so it could veer off from my first impressions, who knows. Fingers crossed that it won’t.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
What have you been reading/playing/watching/binging?

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