What’s Up 2020: Week 34

Week 34 recap is here! Its been a crazy week and we still have one more week or so of Fantasia left! Let’s check it out!


Currently reading: Crackle and Fire

I’ve been working on reading Crackle and Fire lately. Its a first book of a new series called Angela Hardwicke Sci-Fi Mystery. Its pretty fun so far. Its set in this galactic futuristic world. It feels a little like Ian Hamilton’s Ava Lee series except with a science fiction world. I’m pretty happy with it so far as a debut. Still have a little bit to go before finishing up. Review is going up soon since its part of a blog tour.



Currently playing: Luna

I haven’t had time to do any gaming this past week. When I do, I’ll be picking up with Luna right afterwards. I don’t see myself getting back into gaming any time in the coming week but its one that I’m looking forward to finish soon.


The Oak Room
  • Sheep Without A Shepherd (2019, Review)
  • The Undertaker’s Home (2020 World Premiere, Review)
  • Abracitos (2020 Short)
  • The Land Before Time (1988 rewatch, Review)
  • Hunted (2020 World Premiere, Review)
  • You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020, Review)
  • The Oak Room (2020 World Premiere)
  • Yummy (2019)
  • Downs of the Dead (2019 Short)

Nothing like film festival season to make it feel like my life is consumed with movies. Good thing is that its mostly pretty decent films this past week. I actually had a hard time choosing which movie to highlight between Sheep Without a Shepherd and The Oak Room. I was hoping to get the review for The Oak Room done before this post comes out but still stuck in some final editing so the review is coming out later today. Although, to be fair, You Cannot Kill David Arquette is also an awesome documentary also. With that said, my love for Black Fawn Films in general has me picking The Oak Room which was outstanding in a subtle way and very impressive. Still, three solid viewings. I have to mention that as a short film, Abracitos is really good also. It really got under my skin. Reviews for short films are grouped together in one post on the last day of coverage, which will be early September some time. As for now, enjoy some more Fantasia Festival coverage going up every day!


  • Super Nova Games 3 (2020)

Currently binging: Great Escape: Season 2, Little Forest, Go Ahead, The Irresistible, Rap Star, The Coming One: SuperBand, Street Dance of China 3, Gagman

Some of the TV is starting to hit is ending bits now with final rounds for some and some variety shows wrapping up as well. Probably a week or two before it reaches its finale. The only TV drama that I’m watching is Go Ahead which has one to two new episodes a day depending on the day of the week. Its a fun show and I look forward to those episodes every day.

I finally finished up Super Nova Games 3 which was a journey and a half. It came to three 10 hour day events or something. Its nice to see some of the new celebrities that I liked getting some success. Its pretty entertaining as background noise. I have this new desire to learn archery though. Odd, right? Its not the first time that I’ve thought about it and definitely one of the more engaging to watch. Although they did add e-sports as one of the categories and highlight two of these Chinese mobile games and also 3v3 Basketball. Pretty fun overall even if it was a little time-consuming.

That’s it for Week 34 recap!
A lot of movies as expected with film festival coverage going on!
One more week to go and things should get back to relative normalcy…I think!

What have you been watching/playing/reading/binging?

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