What’s Up 2020: Week 33

Its Week 33! Much like last week, this week was all about amassing content and preparing for whats coming up. Its rather busy but lots of fun. It also makes for a hard to talk about section in this post. So…I won’t talk about this week but rather whats coming up later this current week that you are reading this post. Fantasia International Film Festival’s virtual edition starts on August 20th!! Tranquil Dreams is accredited press so in the next two weeks, the main focus will be movie reviews and festival coverage. As mentioned last week, its going to make this week have a lot of things I can’t talk about but we will work it out. I am working on other content to layer in between all the movie reviews but I really can’t promise anything at the moment.

With that laid out, lets get back on track and look at Week 33’s recap.


  • Conscience by Jonathan Pongratz

Currently reading: Crackle and Fire

Honestly, I need to hunker down and do a lot more reading. The story that I finished reading is a short story so it was a fairly quick read. It was a recent reading commitment that I decided to prioritize since its an easier one to get through and start working on in advance. With that said, its a short story so I don’t want to talk too much about it until the actual review post goes up.


  • The Bunker

Currently playing: Luna

Sometimes I say things and then I realize that it might sound silly but I had time to game but didn’t find time to read. Still, Game Warp has beem in its lonely corner and I really want to get some content for it. It is why I am riding this surge of motivation and doing some gaming. I have two backlogged reviews to do including this one, The Bunker which is FMV game so its like watching an interactive movie. It was pretty fun and was mostly following a linear story and have some quick time events. Definitely one that I would have liked to play on PC instead of Playstation 4.

In terms of PC, I had started to play Luna, which seems to be a fairly short game. I love the art style in the game and its all really cute and has some creativity behind the story itself. Hoping to find some time to wrap this one up in the coming week.


  • I WeirDo (2020)
  • The Lodge (2019, Review)
  • Time of Moulting (2020)
  • A Mermaid in Paris (2020)
  • One Cut of the Dead (2017, rewatch, Review)

While there are some great Fantasia titles here like I WeirDo and A Mermaid in Paris which is definitely worth a watch and you definitely should look into seeing it in Fantasia if you are in Canada (because I think the Festival is limited to Canadian audiences), I won’t talk about it since I don’t have the okay yet. My highlight of the week goes to the only movie not part of the pre-Festival prep or rewatch and that is The Lodge, a movie that I actually didn’t get a chance to see at last year’s Fantasia Festival. How great timing is, right? The Lodge’s review is up already so you can check that out in the link above. Its one that really does build and has a fantastic reveal.


  • Mr. Honesty (2020)

Currently binging: Great Escape: Season 2, Little Forest, Go Ahead, Super Nova Games, The Irresistible, Rap Star, The Coming One: SuperBand, Street Dance of China 3

While I won’t say that I particularly recommend Mr. Honesty, its the only series that I wrapped up this week. Its not exactly a bad series and not even that long but there’s some pacing issues and some dialogue that feels rather repetitive and dragged out in the second half. Some of the supporting characters are a tad frustrating. I’ll get around to the TV binge at some point. I’m really behind with these TV binges but I’m working hard on it this past while so hopefully get this one up sooner rather than later.

To be fair, Super Nova Games: Season 3 should be wrapped up since the final round competitions were underway but its like 8 hours split in 3 parts over 2 days or something so I’m still working through the Day 1 Final Round third part and haven’t even gotten to the Day 2 stuff. These are sport things so its not something that I normally binge but more filler material.

On that note, I started a new series last week called Go Ahead starring Wei Long Song, Seven Tan and Steven Zhang. It has a heavy focus on families even with no blood relation. Really great series so far. Well, so far is 11 episodes in so we’re just past the quarter series mark. Too early to say if it’ll fall apart but I’m hoping it stays good since it has a lot of potential.

I need to focus on Fantasia coverage so I won’t be starting anything else new for the next two weeks even if I have another two series sitting in the background that I want to watch.

That’s it for this Week 33 recap!
What have you been reading/watching/playing/binging?

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