Movies and Tea #29 – Hulk

The next Movies and Tea episode is live as we continue through Ang Lee’s filmography of Hulk! Head over to Movies and Tea to give it a listen and share your thoughts with us!

Movies and Tea

As we reach the halfway point for our Ang Lee filmography re-evaulation we come to Hulk which saw Lee choosing to follow up his critically acclaimed and genre reviving Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with a comic book movie. Certainly this was a unique choice despite the fact he’s never been restricted to any perticular genre and certainly it was this unrestricted world view that he brough to his unique adaptation of the popular Marvel character.

Released before the superhero boom, here his sins of the father style approach to the Hulk origin story brought a unique spin on the character but with most comic book movies having largely forgotten this adaptation, was it ahead of it’s time or just plain missing the mark?

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