Ultimate 2010s Blogathon: Your Name (2016) by Tranquil Dreams

Its time to wrap up the Ultimate 2010s Blogathon with my choice for the final conclusion review. I decided to choose a movie that Drew had recommended strongly to me upon its release in 2016, a Japanese anime called Your Name! Head on over to Drew’s Movie Review to check out my review! Leave a comment whether you’ve seen it and your thoughts on it! 🙂

Drew's Movie Reviews

Alas, here we are, the final entry of the Ultimate 2010s Blogathon. Just as Kim and I began the blogathon, so too do we end it. Yesterday, Kim shared my review of Inception, which you can read here. Today, it is my turn to share Kim’s review of one of my favorite animated films to come from the decade: Your Name.

Your Name (2016)

Your Name movie poster

Director (and writer): Makoto Shinkai

Voice Cast (English ver.):  Michael Sinterniklaas, Stephanie Sheh, Kyle Hebert, Cassandra Morris, Ben Pronsky, Ray Chase, Laura Post, Glynis Ellis, Catie Harvey, Scott Williams

Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep them apart? – IMDB

There’s no doubt that when we think of Japanese animated films, Studio Ghibli is the first one that gets the most recognition. Yet in the sea of Japanese anime…

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