After Hours: The Shallows

Season 3 main season has wrapped up and we’re in our After Hours segment. The first to kick off as always is our seasonal Shark Week pick. This time, we’re taking a look at The Shallows! Head over to Movies and Tea to listen to our discussion of the film. While you are there, let us know your thoughts on this film as well as what other shark films you love.

Movies and Tea

Shark Week #3 is finally here and this time it’s the turn of “The Shallows”

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who despite giving us films such as Orphan and Non-stop is also the director responsible for the likes of “Goal 2: Living the Dream” and “The House of Wax” remake which so memorably was sold on the prospect of seeing Paris Hilton die.

So with the prospect of a bikini bottom clad Blake Lively cashing in the pretty girl dollars alongside a rather large shark as selling the movie you might expect the same sort of throw away summer fodder with all the dramatic depth of an Emma Watson performance…..I mean it couldn’t possibly be good….could it?

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