Movies and Tea #24 – The Beguiled

The next episode of Movies and Tea is here as we wrap up Season 3 with Sofia Coppola’s latest film, The Beguiled. Its been no doubt a season of discovery and very much toned-down director as herself.
Other than the discussion and review of The Beguiled, we also do our normal routine and share our Best, Worst and Hidden Gem of her filmography.
Head over to Movies and Tea to listen to the podcast and leave in the comments over there which movies you think are best, worst and hidden gem in her filmography!

Movies and Tea

Season 3 and our re-evaluation of the Sofia Coppola filmography comes to a close with her remake of The Beguiled.

Using the Civil war as her backdrop Coppola with The Beguiled continued her evolution in style with a remake of Don Siegal’s original 1971 film only this time shot from the women’s point of view than the man’s as the arrival of Colin Farrell’s solider of fortune at a girls school begins to stire feelings in both the students and teacher alike.

The film being viewed by Coppola as a way to cleanse herself after 2013’s The Bling Ring from what she terms was “Such a tacky, ugly world”

We also discuss her use of the “Female Gaze” aswell as the changes that shooting from the girls perspective brings to the story aswell as highlighting our favourite, worst and hidden gem of Coppola’s filmography

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The Virgin…

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