Dreamhack Montreal 2019: Day 1 Recap

Hey everyone! The last few days have been a mini hiatus on my part. Its just a mesh of things that has hindered the posts over here. The first of course is what I’m sharing here.

This past weekend was the Dreamhack Montreal event! If you aren’t following Game Warp, I did coverage for it with still one more post to go!

The next is that, after Dreamhack, I got caught up in some heavy rain and unfortunately has caught a cold, being plagued by a pretty bad cough so I’m not exactly in the right mindset to write too much. I’ll be taking most of my concentration on wrapping up the Dreamhack coverage over at Game Warp.

This is the Day 1 recap. Day 2 and Overview is also live already with an indie game zone recap coming up soon (hopefully tomorrow)! Enjoy! Things will be back on track gradually this week!

Game Warp

Dreamhack Montreal 2019 is around the corner again. Like last year, its retained its location at Olympic Stadium for this weekend, September 6 to 8. Since its a LAN party, the 3 days passes get to stay 24 hours. The expo opens until 8pm while the festival hours open until midnight, all this applies except for Sunday which is the last day open. You can find all the info HERE.

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Friday is the first day of the event! With a little of issues, it became a full day event of coverage, which is great. There was time to take a look at the expo hall and other events going on. Indie Game Zone recap will be done in a separate post as Day 1 didn’t quite get around to everything yet.

At the first look at the event, it has changed a little with some new game tournaments as…

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