Movies and Tea #21 – Marie Antoinette

The next episode for Movies and Tea is here as we look at Sofia Coppola’s third directorial film with a jump back into history as she does a loosely based film on Marie Antoinette, leading the role with Kirsten Dunst. Head over to Movies and Tea blog to listen and while you’re there, leave us a comment on your thoughts of the film and whether you have seen it or not before.

Movies and Tea

Originally envisioned as her second feature but stuggling with Historical true and an imposing roster of character which would lead Sofia Coppola to begin work on a parallel project which evolved into Lost In Translation whose success would inturn revamp this project.

Setting out to not create another stuffy costume drama Coppola here blends the contempory with the traditional as lavish gowns and powdered wigs are sound tracked to a combination of New Wave and Post Punk as the film follows the life of Marie Antoinette from her marriage to Louis XVI to the fall of the house of Versailles with Coppola drawing inspiration from Evelyn Lever and Antonia Fraser’s biographies of Antoinette to craft a film which is less of a history lesson but instead more of a rich girl fantasy as Coppola focuses on the life the queen and the people in Antoinette’s life

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