After Hours #4 – Deep Blue Sea

Season 2 for Movies and Tea has entered into its After Hours episodes. The first of three episodes starts with our pick for our seasonal “Shark Week” is Deep Blue Sea. One of my personal favorites and also the first shark film that I ever saw. Head on over to Movies and Tea to hear our discussion of Deep Blue Sea and share your thoughts over there as well!

Movies and Tea

Welcome to our seasonal “Shark Week” episode as after we had so much fun with “The Meg” last season why not look at a shark movie every season.

On this episode we revisit the 90’s classic Deep Blue Sea as a team of scientists find themselves stuck in a rapidly deteriating underwater facility while surrounded by super inteligent sharks!!

We question what it is about this film which made it such a cult classic, Samuel L. Jackson’s favourite death scene and how much of the film did the sharks actually plan plus much more!!

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2 thoughts on “After Hours #4 – Deep Blue Sea

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