Friday Film Club

Over on Movies and Tea Podcast’s blog, my fantastic co-host Elwood and myself has decided to start up our Friday Film Club where we each recommend a movie. No themes and we don’t even know each other’s choice until putting together the banner so it could be some odd pairings. However, head over and check out this week’s kickoff recommendation and share in the comments over there what movie you’d recommend.

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Movies and Tea


Hi folks and welcome to the The Friday Film Club where both myself and Kim will be highlighting a film which we feel is worth checking out. At the same time we would love to hear your own selections whether your choosing to just name them in the comments section or join us in arguing the case for your film on your blog, let us know and we will share it below.

Elwood’s Pick – The Tripper (2006)


While David Arquette might be best known as a goofball actor and occasional wrestler even winning the WCW Heavyweight title in 2000 while promoting Ready To Rumble. However one of his lesser known achievements is his work as a director for which this fun slasher currently sits as his sole credit as a director with all of Arquette’s other work as a director being limited to directing episodes of CSI: Miami

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