Movies and Tea #13 – Blade 2

Our next podcast is here as we continue through Guillermo Del Toro’s directorial efforts and we head back with Del Toro’s return to Hollywood as he helms Blade 2. Joining us this episode is guest, D.J. Valentine from Simplistic Reviews. Head over to the Movies and Tea blog to listen to the episode and head over to check out D.J.’s site!

Movies and Tea

Despite failing to make an impact on the Hollywood system with “Mimic” Del Toro’s work as a director was certainly getting him noticed with his Spanish language films Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone both finding their fans including producer Peter Frankfurt and writer David S. Goyer who invited Del Toro to work on Blade 2 after Stephen Norrington turned down the opportunity to direct the sequel.

Now without the meddling of the Weinsteins, Del toro was finally free to bring his visual style to the Hollywood but was he capable of producing a film which would appeal to a more mainstream audience?

On this episode we are joined by D.j. Valentine (Simplistic Reviews) to rank action heroes, talk comic books and the hunt for a decent video game movie plus much more!!

Further Viewing

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