What’s Up #14



Stinky Santa

  • Stinky Santa by Otto Fishblanket (review)

Currently reading: A Kiss For Christmas

Reading has been light to say the list since I read a kid’s book for last week. The next one that I chose, A Kiss For Christmas is having a rough start because its a genre that I want to leave behind but it happens to be the only book in my Kindle that is Christmas-themed. So it’ll have to do. No problem, right? We’ll see if the review for A Kiss For Christmas actually gets released by next week’s What’s Up since its three short stories.



Gaming is slowly getting back on track. The sales are coming in for the holidays and we’re trying hard at our place to pick up some games at decent prices but also not go crazy since the to be played list is still pretty huge. However, the playthrough for Remember Me has resumed on the channel and the review is already up. We have lots of outstanding things to take care of for Game Warp and I’m working hard on doing that while also diving into something new like She Remembered Caterpillars which constantly gets me stumped in the puzzles. So that game is in sporadic doses. Other than that it is mobile games and I will reveal all that for the mobile games round-up for December.

If you want to check out more game reviews from Game Warp, you can check out the Youtube channel HERE or the blog HERE. Year in Review 2018 and Top 10 Games Played is currently in editing phase so we will have a new podcast episode released this week and probably the next one as well to wrap up the year.


  • Super Monsters and the Wish Star (review)
  • A StoryBots Christmas (review)
  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • John Wick: Chapter 2
  • Ready Player One

Its been a busy week in terms of movie watching. I took a little break and put two shorter Christmas animated specials from Netflix. Its a nice little change in pace to do a double feature. With that said, we finally did get around to watching Christmas Chronicles. The review for that is coming up. I liked it quite a bit. Then there were two movie rentals expiring so we watched John Wick: Chapter 2 and Ready Player One which both exceeded my expectations. I’ll have those reviews up after Christmas probably since we’re about to head into the daily Christmas hurrah with the final 5 days countdown to Christmas day. It was a good week for movies 🙂


An Oriental Odyssey

  • An Oriental Odyssey
  • A Love So Beautiful (rewatch)

Currently binging: The Inn, Who’s the Murderer, Happy Do Re Mi, My Little One

And An Oriental Odyssey finally finished last Friday, leaving me with this empty feeling. I currently ended up restarting it because I have a crazy idea for next year and of course, I love to add and expand so I’m just using it to not only fill my void but to see how time consuming something like this would be. Either way, I liked the series a lot. There’s a lot of debate among fans whether there will be a sequel. I’ll talk about my thoughts on it in the TV Binge (which I think might be next year because I’m structuring something new for the blog). The only deal is that I need to figure some way to angle it in and figure out what I might take out and how feasible the whole thing is. On that note, I’m refraining from starting anything new so I’ve been rewatching TV series. I know I’m going to take that all back when I post that I started something new. But for now, everything I’m watching currently is just weekly uploads on Hunan TV Official Channel. You can find it HERE. A lot of the variety and game shows do have English subtitles so check it out if you’d like.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
Last week was heavily Christmas focused and its going pretty good on that level.

What have you been reading/watching/binging/playing?

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