What’s Up #12 Holiday Marathon has Started!!

Now that we are back to normal for a week or two and had a moment to think about it further, I’ve decided that until 2019, we will be keeping this weekly written format. Mostly for my own sanity because I have a ton of backlog and a few things to work out for lighting and quality of video that I wasn’t really happy with in the first place so I’m giving myself some time to figure it out. Maybe move the recording to somewhere else entirely. Who knows? You will all know next year.

Let’s see what’s up!


Archie Vol.5

  • Archie Vol.5

Currently reading: Mooseletoe by Tiffinie Helmer

After finishing volume 4, I had to move on to the next volume and I had already bought it so it was perfect timing.  I really liked Volume 5 a lot. The review should go up very soon.


  • Time Wanderer (pre-alpha)
  • Soul Edge Cycle
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Bonus Ep: Farewell
  • Spintires: Mudrunner

Currently playing: Hidden Folks – Beach DLC, Soul Edge Cycle, She Remembered Caterpillars

Game Warp is having some fun times now. We have a love little video section on That Moment In. While writing is still slowly getting back into action, I’ve been working on some things as I talked about last time to just catch up and wrap up stuff while still working on keys and well, other things on my to be played list which I haven’t gotten around to, like Life is Strange: Before the Storm bonus episode.


Hidden Figures

  • Hidden Figures
  • Angela’s Christmas (review)
  • Rampage
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (review)

The Christmas/Holidays marathon is upon us now! I’m going mild this year with everything having stuff for the marathon every other day or so as long as I can keep up. The first two reviews have already gone live. If you missed it, I put the links to the reviews already. However, my fave movie of this week goes to Hidden Figures. I had no doubt that I’d like it as these three ladies are fantastic. I’ve loved Octavia Spencer since The Help and as for Janelle Monae, I had just seen her in Moonlight (which I have yet to review here yet..soon though), and then of course Taraji P. Henson who I’ve seen before in Date Night and Hustle & Flow. Anyways, this movie is awesome. If I did put together a top 10 films seen in 2018 list, it would be probably make Top 5. Other than that, Rampage was a lot of mindless entertainment which I always love.


The Final Table

  • The Final Table (Season 1)

Currently watching:

  • An Oriental Odyssey (Huace)
  • The Inn (Season 2, Hunan TV)
  • Who’s the Murderer (Season 4, Hunan TV)

The only series that I did finish is The Final Table. I’m working on TV Binge already so hopefully I’ll get that up soon. I’m a bit rusty on TV binges lately (as well as game reviews) so its taking a little bit of time to get it all done well. However, The Final Table is a fun one to watch. It has its pros and cons but I think just like Ultimate Beastmaster needed a season or two to find a good structure, its a good concept to bring together global chefs and their accomplishments and also showcase their skills while sharing international foods and culture. Either way, more on that when the TV binge goes on. However, for now, I’m mostly focused on An Oriental Odyssey as well as the other reality (The Inn) and game (Who’s the Murderer). My heart has been on it as I wait for the next episodes to upload Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and usually save it to binge watch on Saturday evening or something. I honestly don’t foresee starting anything until next year since I have over 10 TV binges to write up that I haven’t written yet but I’ll have to rewatch some to even remember what to write and breakdown.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
What have you been watching, reading, playing and binging?

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