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Hey everyone!

My procrastination is definitely taking over as my perfectionist thing isn’t liking the structure (or forgot how I did it) of the previous recording. I don’t usually do double takes on What’s Up as its supposed to be a pretty straight forward thing. So that is where the delay is. But just so the content isn’t so crazy, I might make it into a weekly thing if time permits just to keep it more regular and less lengthy.

Just a little update before the main thing really. This was over 3 weeks and I did cut a few movies for next week’s which I’m starting to think might be a bad idea although I’m back into TV series and just rewatching old stuff I already talked about so things are not piling up as much.

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Thanks so much for watching!
I’m taking recommendations for Halloween Marathon! Best ones are if they are on Netflix (I will see if its in Canada).

2 thoughts on “What’s Up #7 Movies Movies Movies

  1. “Batman v Superman was… kind of a mess.” 😂 So accurate. Even if you had seen Man of Steel beforehand, that wouldn’t have helped much. I know viewers are pretty mixed on Sucker Punch but personally, I enjoy it. It really shows of Snyder’s signature style well. Your upcoming games sound exciting! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on those.

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    • Yeah..it doesn’t encourage me to go back to Man of Steel. And I’m kind of behind already in DC movies so its not a big deal. Sucker Punch review for Movies and Tea is out so you can see our thoughts. Lets just say I have a change of mind…slightly. As for games, the only one in the list that now has a review is We Happy Few…Remember Me should be coming up soon. The other stuff, I’m working on after my DreamHack craze is done. 😉


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