Movies and Tea #7 – Death Race

Continuing the Movies and Tea Podcast with my fantastic co-host Elwood Jones as we look the next film in Paul W.S. Anderson directing effort, Death Race! Packed with some Jason Statham action, Tyrese Gibson and of course, deadly races as well as a villainous role by Joan Allen. We look at all of that and what makes it one of the great and underrated films in Paul W. S. Anderson’s filmography.

Head over and check out our episode. Share your thoughts on Death Race!

Movies and Tea

Having spent years languishing in development hell Paul W.S. Anderson finally brought the remake of the cult favourite “Death Race 2000” to the screen in what he envisioned as a prequel to the original film.

But with Anderson choosing to reimagine than create a straight remake for many fans of the original this film failed to even get off the starting grid and on this episode we question if perhaps they were right to judge the film so quickly.

We also look at truck flips, the joy of vehicular carnage aswell as if this was Anderson’s last great movie and much more!

So come join us in the booth!!

Further Viewing

Death Race 2000
Fast Five

Music on this episode

Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare
Mary J Blige Feat. Ludacris – Grown Woman

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