Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 7 – Favourite 90s Animation

Round 7 of Opinion Battles is here! This time is was a topic that I had the pleasure to choose and of course it had to be Favorite 90’s Animation. The decade that had some fantastic animated films. Everyone choose some great choices here that I had thought about also but I went with a movie that I was so excited to see Disney bring to life and that is Mulan.
Head over to check out the other choices and drop a vote in the poll on whose choice you agreed with the most!

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 7

Favourite 90s Animation

This is a previous years winner choice Kim selected us 90s animation, the 90s are one of the most important times for animation, we saw the true rise of Studio Ghibli in America, Pixar burst onto the scene and the decade started with Disney returning to their best, the question is though, what is our players favourites?

Next Round – Favourite Film from 2017

Closing Date 4th August 2018

Darren Movie Reviews 101

Lion King

Growing up in the 90’s gave me first cinema experiences, the first animated movie I saw was The Lion King, this is why I have picked this movie, I love the songs through the film, the character arc that Simba goes through in what film is all about and to use the African animals, the ones you can’t see anyway except a zoo was fascinating…

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