Sunday List: Meg Ryan Roles, Ranked

Meg Ryan List

Its time for Meg Ryan in the spotlight here. Its honestly was an eventual appearance since she is one of my absolutely favorite actresses. I still have a lot of movies to watch from her filmography but its always a good time when she’s on screen. Although she’s stepped down from the spotlight, I never let go of any chance to take a look at her movies especially when these lists give me perspective on how much more to catch up on and what to prioritize.

As usual, here’s the Top 10 (because I’m apparently missing a lot of her films but there’s no going back) and will be updated regularly.

Sally Albright – When Harry Met Sally… (Review)

when harry met sally

Kate – French Kiss

French Kiss

Maggie – Addicted to Love (Review)

addicted to love

Anastasia (voice) – Anastasia (Review)


Kate McKay – Kate & Leopold (Review)

Kathleen Kelly – You’ve Got Mail (Review)

you've got mail

Rita Boyle – Prelude to a Kiss (Review)

prelude to a kiss

Dede/Angelica/Patricia – Joe Versus the Volcano (Review)

Joe Versus the Volcano

Annie Reed – Sleepless in Seattle (Review)

sleepless in seattle

Sarah Hardwicke – In the Land of Women (Review)

in the land of women

Mary Haines – The Women (Review)

the women

Haven’t Seen or Can’t Remember

Debby at 18 years – Rich and Famous
Lisa – Amityville 3-D
Carole – Top Gun
Maggie Cavanaugh – Armed and Dangerous
Lydia Maxwell – Innerspace
Beverly ‘Bev’ Sykes – Promised Land
Sydney Fuller – D.O. A.
Donna Caldwell – The Presidio
Pamela Courson – The Doors
Kay Davies – Flesh and Bone
Alice Green – When a Man Loves a Woman
Catherine Boyd – I.Q.
Katharine – Restoration
Karen Walden – Courage Under Fire
Dr. Maggie Rice – City of Angels
Bonnie – Hurlyburly
Eve Mozell Marks – Hanging Up
Alice Bowman – Proof of Life
Frannie Avery – In the Cut
Jackie Kallen – Against the Ropes
Deidre Hearn – The Deal
Martha Durand – My Mom’s New Boyfriend
Louise – Serious Moonlight
Mrs. Macauley – Ithaca


12 thoughts on “Sunday List: Meg Ryan Roles, Ranked

  1. Great choices, I totally love Meg Ryan. When Harry Met Sally is one of my all time favourites, I also have such a soft spot for French Kiss as seen that loads.

    Karen Walden – Courage Under Fire
    Dr. Maggie Rice – City of Angels

    If you haven’t seen those I really recommend them, especially Courage Under Fire she is outstanding and Matt Damon is amazing in that as well.

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    • Nice to see another French Kiss fan! I love that one so much. I’ve seen City of Angels but I can’t remember much of it so its why I didn’t rank it here. The list updates as I see more. However, I haven’t seen Courage Under Fire but heard lots of good things about it. Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

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  2. You’ve made my day Kim. You know I love Meg in Sleepless and When Harry Met Sally… and many other roles (Prelude to a Kiss, Addicted to Love, Flesh and Bone…) Meg and Tom were also both fantastic in Joe vs. The Volcano. That is such an underrated classic. And I absolutely love You’ve Got Mail…the last really good Meg Ryan flick in my opinion. You’ve put me in the mood for a Meg Movie marathon…I might have to do that really soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Its been way overdue. I had drafted this one right after the Michelle Pfeiffer one and then forgot to get back to it. I’m working through my fave actresses for this list but I am in the mood for Meg Ryan of late so I’ll dig around Netflix and my movie shelf. Should have some more of her reviews and update this list later on. 🙂

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