Looking Forward: Spring/Summer Plans 2018

Heres a filler post if we have ever seen one.

I’m in the last week of tax season over here and being in the accounting field means its busy busy busy (times that by a hundred). I literally feel like my brain is fried but also feeling super guilty or just bad that I haven’t posted this entire past weekend. The plan was for the Youtube revival video to go up but I didn’t get a chance to edit it and it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted to the more that I thought about it so I am working on restructuring that and getting it out soonish.

This coming week is going to be crazy. The last week of April always is so I can’t guarantee that there will be a post everyday and that might mean borrowing material from my other projects to share here if thats the case. But I can’t wait for May to get here and with the winter FINALLY seemingly behind us, I have some fun stuff planned for spring and summer and I honestly really wanted to use this easy topic to share with you all.


No pictures from right now just because this is a last minute post decision…but these are an idea of what I’m working with.

Expanding Vegetable Patch

Some of you know that my husband helped me construct a lovely fence off area for the vegetable garden last year. However, the side with the cone flowers and the rhubarbs is just a mess. There’s overgrown grass and its impossible to pull it out. But this year, my husband is going to help me turn all of it and get rid of all the grass so that we can expand the garden. If nothing else gets done, this is the top priority for the spring. If the blueberry plants survived winter (the fluctuating weather damaged a lot of my perennials, I think), they probably will need to be moved over or vegetables need to go to the other side or herbs. I’ll figure out how to structure the garden once this is done.

Backyard Flower Bed

Second project, which is something I had wanted to do last year was to change one side of my garden, which is actually perpendicular to this garden on the other side of the walkway to turn into a flower bed. As I thought about it more, I wanted it to be raised, but now I’m not sure if I mind too much if its on the ground, although this area is full of weeds, so maybe raised is better. Although, with its proximity to the raspberries, I would like to turn this into a bee and/or butterfly garden (depending if a hybrid is an option). More research as we get to preparing it since I do want some annuals and some perennials to create a balance.

Front Yard Landscaping

My front yard is pretty much a slope. I did want to just keep it that way and get rid of the grass and plant over the slope but its going to be painful since I don’t think the soil is really well since no one’s really maintained it much before we got the house. My ambitious plan is to create two (maybe three) levels. This isn’t an immediate thing so I think this might not happen this year but I might start working on the first level and see how that goes or at least planning out how to approach it.

Running and Exercise

My workout schedule has been slow-going. I did some Zumba here and there and some bodyweight training. However, I’ll do some updates. The weather warming up means that I’ll be heading out to do run. The plan is to run to the park around here that I usually head to and there, they have these park areas with different stations of exercising. So I’m going to try to figure out some workouts to incorporate to do this kind of circuit training sort of deal. Anyways, this starts first week of May! I’m excited. Its definitely something awesome to look forward to. Maybe the increase in workout will help with all the back pain I’ve been having from sitting too much this past winter.

Hiking (& Day Trips)

Thousand Islands National Park

While Spring might be filled with running, I do have to say that we plan on going on at least biweekly hiking trips this year. After over 5 years of hell for my husband in graveyard shift, he finally has a human working schedule so we can go back to hiking a lot more. We have accumulated quite a few trails in the backlog although as we research, we do realize that we’ve gone to quite a few around here already.

  • Wallingford-Back Mine (info)
  • La Mauricie National Park – Mauricie Falls
  • Mont Megantic National Park
  • Parc de la Gorge
  • Calvaire Summit Trail – Oka National Park

Lets start with that..since one on our list, I realized is about 6.5 hours away and that makes it more of a hiking weekend getaway than a day trip. Its the Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.

Upcoming Events

The Usual

  • Crescent street Grand Prix Weekend (June 7-9)
  • Just For Laughs Festival (July 14 -28) – Food trucks!!
  • Fantasia International Film Festival (July 12 – August 1)

Things I always miss but will try to check out this year

  • 21 Balancoires – Quartier des Spectacles (April 9 – May 27)
  • Mural- Public Art Festival (June 7 -17)

There’s probably so much more but I just want to get this post up now!

Suffice to say, this post wasn’t as simple as I expected it to be.
But thats just me! Ideas and research and stuff always gets the better of me!
Either way, those are some general plans!

What plans do you have for the upcoming season?

*I apologize in advance if the rest of the week is a little funky in posting schedule and content*

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward: Spring/Summer Plans 2018

  1. Maybe we should figure out what grows “well” in clay soil. I remember it was a pain digging in there… Don’t we have those greenhouse/base kits lying around? We should finally get them out this year to extend growing season!


    • The goal is to see if it really is clay. Eric should help with that. I remember part of the garden was also but with a few more turns of new soil mixing it, its loosened up a lot. So we’ll see….


      • Eric was definitely much faster in digging things up last year. Oh right, wasn’t there some kind of product out there that loosen up clay soils (if it is indeed the case).

        Also, should we try your compost bin this year (I recall seeing that?) Can’t wait to play in your garden with bun as supervisor again! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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