Toronto 2018: Toronto Zoo

On the first day in town, we actually didn’t go to EGLX yet but rather went for a day at the zoo. Normally, whenever we go to zoos, its pretty much a quick max 4 hour experience but Drew had mentioned that he was set for a full day there and other than a short lunch break, Toronto Zoo did have a lot to see and we stayed for about 7 hours. The highlight for Toronto Zoo which ends this weekend is saying goodbye to the Giant Pandas, who happen to be the first pandas born in Canada.

Toronto Zoo is pretty huge. It covers a lot of different continents. Due it still being in the winter schedule, it had a lot of empty spots so some areas like Africa was just a walk through the place and then checking out the pavilion. I think that is what sets it apart is that there are a few pavilions to go through for the more exotic animals and it gives it a lot more space to check out some cool birds and more.

Since this was a huge day and I have like 800 pictures or something, I’m going to trim it down to pictures that turned out well or animals that I found were pretty unique to this location.

And here you go! Not all of them are really that rare but its always a challenge to get pictures of animals because of how far away they are. A lot of really cool ones here in all the different areas plus a lot of them are various levels of endangered which really makes it worth it to see them protected. There was a ton more than what I have here from meerkats to sloths and all kinds of monkeys and a lot of fishes and frogs and snakes and other reptiles and insects. I could go on and on.

Toronto Zoo is really worth it to just see what they have. Not a lot of zoos have such a huge terrain with indoor pavilions and outside areas. It would be nice one year to visit when its the summer to see how its set up when a lot of the warm climate animals are back.

Plus, luck was really on our side for the zoo. A lot of times we would be right on time for feeding times or speaking by the carers of a certain animal. Sometimes, we’d double back and the animal would have woken up from their nap and started moving around. It was a really great time!

10 thoughts on “Toronto 2018: Toronto Zoo

    • I’d be lying if there weren’t any cages here but Toronto Zoo does have a bigger terrain so I think in the summer they do have more open space for the animals than for some during the winter. But then I only have comparison to more of the zoos in the province of Quebec.

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  1. Thanks for posting about it! I am writing my own version of the post. I wish we spent more time there (~4h) but had a hard time getting her out of relatives’ place. Not to mention, my back hurts from carrying bun’s backpack and wheeling her around in the massive park in her umbrella stroller. (She won’t let dad do it when awake) Unfortunately, most animals seem to be in zzz mode so it was a bit boring for us except to play I spy [animal]. A bird decided to fly over my head (to point I felt touched) in one of the exhibits and I had a free twig on my head…😅

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    • We were really lucky that day whenever we went by or doubled back to an exhibit, the animals woke up and were moving about. Even the I do eventually want to check out the zoo again in the summer.

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  2. Same here. Would like to go back in the summer when more animals are out and about. Bun is not as good to look for certain animals but we had a great time looking for sleeping lumps (wolves, polar bears) and counting them.


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