Reblog: Ultimate 70s Blogathon: The Exorcist (1973) by MovieRob

***Sorry for the late reblog. It seems the reblog button has vanished and I was hoping it was just a maintenance bug with WordPress. However, here’s the manual reblog! Have any of you encountered the same problem?***

Yesterday’s fantastic Ultimate 70s Blogathon entry was from the amazing MovieRob who I know as someone who doesn’t watch horror however he’s offered as the first of two entries, a review of 1973’s horror classic, The Exorcist. I’ve never seen The Exorcist before and I wonder if it’ll hold up if I were to watch it today. Let me just mention that MovieRob is awesome in many ways as a movie reviewer, he also is the first participant in the blogathon to break us out of the latter 70s great films and takes us back to the first half of 70s. Great job!

Head over to Drew’s Movie Reviews to check out his fantastic review of The Exorcist HERE.

On the side note: If you want to catch up with all the posts, we have a Ultimate 70s Blogathon list HERE which is updated daily.

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