Restaurant: Bistro Le Méchant Loup

Next restaurant trip with friends was an evening after we went to check out the Sessions 375 x Ile Soniq. I talked about that in the Weekly Adventures here.

Le Méchant Loup

Le Mechant Loup is a bistro restaurant with French-inspired dishes and a seasonal menu in a cozy and casual environment. I have been there before.

Special of the Day

Le Mechant Loup

Salmon Tartare

Thursday night specials is a tartare dish, meal portion, is at $10. I went with Phoebe (aka Starry Traveler) and her family and she loves a good tartare. Luckily, she’s been there a few times also and have enjoyed it.


Le Mechant Loup

Euro Dog with Fries (on charcoal BBQ)

I’m a sucker for hot dogs, even if I fully know that getting them at restaurants are super overpriced. However, this is the seasonal BBQ menu and its a chorizo sausage with some nice coleslaw with dijon mustard as garnish with some fries. It tasted really good. Maybe not like $15 good but still I enjoyed it quite a bit. The $15 was for the great time with friends.

Le Mechant Loup

Le Mechant Loup

Le Mechant Loup

The Starry Traveler family took the faux filet mignon tacos dish. It was definitely a meal, with their tacos and a variety of sauces. This was also a BBQ menu so it was also done on charcoal BBQ. It had the corn cobs as well.


Le Mechant Loup is a nice place to hang out. This was my second visit and Starry Traveler’s family’s third (I think) and it always been a decent time from what it sounds like and the fact that they suggested we head there also. The seasonal menu is a really nice attraction plus various days of the weeks have different specials that make it worth the visit even more. The service is great and the staff very friendly and helpful. The decor is nice and cozy. Its not a big space but it has a nice atmosphere.

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