What a week & what makes it better (kind of)

Whew! Its been quite a week at the Tranquil Dreams HQ.

What I’m saying is today’s post will not be happening as I just can’t get my mind to settle on writing up the review for Ready Player One. Plus, if I were to write anything at this point, it might be ranty and ridiculous and pretty sarcastic. Seeing as here is where I sit for positive stuff, I’m going to just take today ooff and think about some of those real life problems that have got me in a funk and I just need to embrace and figure out.

Excuse me as we’re taking a day off to find solutions and get back onto our positive fun regular programming…

Meanwhile, what is making me feel better just a little? Funny you should ask…

Gilmore Girls

And some lines from the series that I’m feeling right now…

Chocolate, Junk Food and Tea (really anything to eat)

Technically, I’m craving popsicles, chips, dark chocolate, fries and a ton of random stuff…self-control comes in the form of tea.

Electronic Music

Geometry Dash

I’m much further than this level..but just so you know what it is.

That’s it for me!
Let’s at least try to end with some positive..so here is a cute red panda.

**Regular programming should resume tomorrow**

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