Ultimate 90s Blogathon Wrap-Up: Top 3 Disney Animated Films! by Tranquil Dreams

We finally wrapped up the blogathon today after three weeks! Today over at Drew’s was my wrap-up post featuring my top 3 Disney animated films over the 90’s decade. Head over and check it out! 🙂

Drew's Movie Reviews

We’re finally here ladies and gents, the end of the Ultimate 90s Blogathon.  Today Kim and I are doing something a little bit different and posting each other’s wrap-up entry! For her kick-off, Kim shared three of her favorite movies from Robin Williams, one of her most memorable actors from the decade. This time, she is taking a look at another one of her biggest influences: Disney.  At the time, Disney was going through a period known as the Disney Renaissance, a resurgence of the Disney princess and musical.  For her wrap-up, Kim takes a look back at three of her favorite 90s Disney movies. Head on over to her site to check out my wrap-up post with my review of Wild Wild West.  The floor is yours, Kim!

We’re finally at the big wrap-up of the Ultimate 90’s Blogathon. I kicked off this event with one of…

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