Ultimate 90s Blogathon: Leon (1994) by OC Movie Reviews

I apologize for the tardiness of this reblog!
Yesterday’s Ultimate 90’s blogathon was the final post by Mark of OC Movie Reviews with his review of classic Leon (1994). Head on over and read his awesome review!
We’re in the final week of Ultimate 90’s Blogathon! You can check if you’ve missed any entries at the page on the menu above and be sure to check back at Drew’s for tomorrow’s entry as mine has already been posted earlier today!

Drew's Movie Reviews

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Once again, Mark from OC Movie Reviews returns to begin the week.  Today he shares his review of Leon, which marked the cinematic debut of Natalie Portman. Mark has all sorts of reviews on his blog, so be sure to check it out! Here’s Mark and his review of Leon!

Leon: The Professional movie poster

Leon (The Professional) Review – It’s Better Than OK. OK?

I love, love, love Luc Besson movies. Sure, like most people, not everything he does, or has done, is perfect and in some cases not all of it you can even class as ‘good’. But, the awesome certainly out ways the bad. If I had one-eighth of the calibre of his back-catalogue I’d be a happy man: La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element, District B13, Unleashed, Angel-A, Taken and, of course, Leon.

I have to assume you’ve seen Leon (known as Leon: The Professional in some regions because…I…

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