Ultimate 90s Blogathon: Reservoir Dogs (1992) by Film and TV 101

Next up joining in the Ultimate 90’s Blogathon is from Kira at Film and TV 101 with her review of Reservoir Dogs. Head over to Drew’s Movie Reviews to read it! 🙂

Drew's Movie Reviews

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We’re almost done with week 2 of the blogathon. Today, Kira from Film and TV 101 joins us for a review of the Quentin Tarantino debut hit Reservoir Dogs.  Not only does Kira review movies and television series but she also shares her top ten lists, gives movie trivia, and much more. Give her site a gander if you’d like.  Enough from me, here is Kira and her review of Reservoir Dogs.

Yesssssssss, I know, this review is going to probably be quite familiar with some people – it is one I posted over a year ago on my blog, but when the opportunity to take part in this blogathon came up, I couldn’t think of another film that defined the 90s so well for me. Apologies if it seems lazy, but this is one of my all-time favourites, and it just so happens to be from the…

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