Ultimate 90s Blogathon: Life is Beautiful (1997) by OC Movie Reviews

Week 2 of Ultimate 90’s Blogathon is here! We start over at Drew’s Movie Reviews with the second review from Mark at OC Movie Reviews and his review of Life is Beautiful. Great choice, Mark!
Head over and check it out! 🙂

Drew's Movie Reviews

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To kick off week 2, Mark from OC Movie Reviews return.  This time, he is reviewing the Italian war film and comedy Life is Beautiful.  Mark reviews a wide variety of films on his site, so if you don’t follow him already, head over there to check them all out. Now here’s Mark and his review!

Life is Beautiful movie poster

Life Is Beautiful Review – The Princess, The Clown And The Nazis

This is the second time I’ve tried to write a review for Life Is Beautiful. The first time, I felt I didn’t do justice to the film. A film I first watched way-back in the late nineties. I remember distinctly my eldest brother bringing the film back from the video shop (video shops were places where you went and rented cassettes of the latest films. Cassettes are, oh never mind, I’m not that old!) and my complete lack of enthusiasm. I…

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