My Weekly Adventures #32: Getting Organized!

We’re getting things more organized here! My Weekly Adventures will be numbered from now on! At least that way there isn’t a confusion and it kind of gives it less of the same title over and over again. I will try to add a little something to make it highlight what the part is about.

November is the month when I start thinking about the next year so that is exactly what I’m doing. I still can’t exactly believe that 2016 is almost finished! Christmas decorations need to go up soon and everything is being in preparation mode for December! I mean, everything!

Let’s start!

NaNoWriMo Progress


The beast I need to talk about first is NaNoWriMo. It is the highlight of November. This is my sixth NaNoWriMo and if when I finish, it will be the fifth one I completed. It also means, I need to work on some editing. Both my husband and best friend has asked about reading some of it. There has to be one story that I feel can be made into something a little more presentable. Maybe not for the public eye but at least friends and family that have to put up with my disappearance and sudden running off because I need to do word sprints.

NaNoWriMo is going pretty well! As I’m writing this up, I haven’t started the writing for the day but I’m at 21,156. I’m about 500 words behind provided I get the word count today. The story hasn’t hit a snag just yet but I did fall behind as I had to restructure a little of the outline as I work up on the first turning point. Thrillers are super hard to write. For those who don’t know, I’ve pretty much wrote a different genre of novel every year so far. The most promising goes to last year’s so far. I still think about how to make it better. This year is all about a thriller and those are super hard because its being able to keep a plot going but having a second thing going on where there are hints. It kind of happened just because I decided the day before I started to mesh two ideas and couldn’t decide. I’m sure it’ll work out.

On a better note, all this work has turned me into a super efficiently organized person. Apparently, when time becomes super scarce, I just go crazy on structuring my to-do list. All good things! I’ll do a recap at the end of the month. I feel like I’ve grown much more this time than ever and its only half a month. Plus, I’m still relatively on track which is a record on its own! Let’s not get overconfident though ;).

MTL a Table

MTL a Table

Another year of MTL a Table has passed. We went to three dining restaurants and expanded our group to a three couple and one baby foodie adventure. We ended it with a little brunch (that unfortunately didn’t have the complete group). That post is going up tomorrow! There’s always so much to try and decide on and this year was no exception. I have my eyes on a few restaurants for next year. So far, those restaurants haven’t had menus that work for me yet. This year’s choices were still pretty good. They were all unique in their own way to say the very least. Plus, it was with great company. We keep to ourselves quite a bit, mostly due to schedule and being busy with our own little stuff so its nice to hang out with friends when we get a chance.

We are already looking at the next Montreal foodie event! It might be in a few months though.

ShirtPunch finally came in!

 Life is Strange Shirtpunch

Life is Strange Shirtpunch

It took more than a month to get processed and sent here but I finally got it from ShirtPunch! You know what? It was worth the wait because it looks so awesome! I had my issues with Life is Strange but there are so many charming elements of it as well. A truly memorable experience.

Planning for 2017

I can’t ever remember how much I’ve talked about on this. I talked about domain and all that stuff earlier in the year. Don’t worry about it. It is still something I’m working on. There’s never something that pops out at me yet and I want to make a banner and stuff to make it all look more professional and fun! Just look at the sad YouTube channel page, for example, it would have multipurpose. I’m uploading more stuff there, like game playthroughs and unboxing primarily. There is actually going to be more stuff there soon. I’m working on the next thing right now. Its something that I’ve been thinking about for the last year so its nice to want to do something more.

As for 2017, there may be some finalizing the change in direction of what I’m doing. For one, there may be more video content, maybe less movie reviews and more focus on lifestyle. Although, to be fair, my lifestyle includes a lot of movie, TV and books so you won’t see it going away any time soon. Especially since I just started exploring the world of visual novels. Plus, I have to get back to those abandoned projects that I haven’t done anything for in a while.

If it isn’t crazy enough right now, my husband and I are setting up something new right now. Funnily enough, I made a banner for that already. Just need a thumbnail logo.

Lots of stuff in the horizon, my lovelies! My question for you all: What do you like reading here? 

Cute  Sleepy Kitty Moment


What are you up to? Getting ready for Christmas yet?
Help me out and tell me what you like checking out here!

6 thoughts on “My Weekly Adventures #32: Getting Organized!

  1. Good luck with your writing project! Sometimes I find a simple movie review will take me 2 hours on and off, and that’s like, 400-500 words, so I’m absolutely in awe of your word count!
    Your cat is gorgeous!
    And honestly, I really enjoy everything that you post here. I came for the movie reviews but stayed for everything else, too 🙂
    – Allie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t know you did NaNoWriMo five times previous. Wow! That is quite an accomplishment in itself. You seem to feel that none are quite presentable to the public. When you’re done with this one, here’s something I’d like you to do. Read all of them. Pick the one with the best story. Then rewrite it. Make each major plot point better. Rewrite it again, making each scene better. Then rewrite it again, make each paragraph better. Then rewrite it again and make each sentence better. The fast paced action of doing ‘NaNo’ should never be the final product, so it’s no wonder you never show anyone. It’s the raw energy. Rewriting makes it into something special. Take the raw clay of ‘NaNo’ and keep carving and hammering away at it until it really excites you and resembles a story or author style you admire. For me it’s not until 6 months of rewriting, twice a month, that I let someone read it. They usually have opinions and I begin rewriting again. Yes even for a short story it will take me from 6 months to a year to get it into shape, where I feel confident enough to send it to a publisher or call for submissions.


    • Thanks for the pointers, especially from someone as experienced as yourself! 🙂
      I know that NaNo is raw energy. Heck, its really finding the time and dedication to sit down. NaNo is something more of a symbolic thing. I love the feeling of falling into a whole different world and crafting a story and character. I think it not only puts into perspective all the stuff we review and the hard work creators have because as reviewers (books or movies or whatever) we can sit back and just criticize it. Its a whole lot of work and dedication and time management. Its about organization and so many more things that it helps me kind of get my blog and writing and everything in some sort of order. I have started to reread one of the better stories that I was super passionate about. I might not ever release it to the public but I do want to polish it up, make it better and add, delete and rewrite a lot of the parts, especially now that I’ve actually figured out where to continue with some research. If I ever do have something I’m happy with, I’ll probably be posting it on Avenue of Daydreams. That is more a creative outlet. 🙂

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