MTL a Table: Restaurant de L’Institut-ITHQ

The weekend is here again! MTL a Table entered into the final few days of the event.

Next up on the list is a restaurant that comes recommended from my friends who was organizing this whole thing together. Restaurant de L’Institut – ITHQ is pretty much a student-based restaurant. Its a training ground for culinary students under the watchful eyes of their professors to create fine dining for their guests. It is located in the Hotel de L’Institut.

Let us look at the menu for MTL a Table ($31).

Restaurant de L’Institut

*A note for those looking for this restaurant on Google Maps, search Hotel de L’Institut instead. We searched for Restaurant de L’Institut and it was completely different location. Our fault that we didn’t look carefully but just a friendly note in case you decide to go.*

Restaurant de L'Institut

Starter tasting

This starter tasting thing was a salmon, spicy mayonnaise and olive oil thing (if I remember correctly) and I thought it was delicious!

First service: Appetizer

Restaurant de L'Institut

Crispy Arctic Char, apple gel, radishes, green apples, marinated onions

Restaurant de L'Institut

Variations on beet, roasted pine nuts, goat cheese, honey-maple vinaigrette

Restaurant de L'Institut

Parsnip velouté, caramelized onions, sherry vinegar, hazelnuts and smoked bacon

A recap of the appetizers: My husband took the Arctic char along with my friend. Funny enough, they had opposing views. While my husband didn’t like it, he didn’t exactly hate it either. It was more the texture of the fish he wasn’t too sure about. I took the Variations on beet as that was the only choice that worked with my lactose intolerance and yet they had to remove the cheese. While it didn’t feel like anything super special, the different types of beets made it rather unique and it was refreshing to eat to say the least. Only one person on our table took the parsnip velouté and he said that it was interesting and tasty.

Second service: Main course

Restaurant de L'Institut

Braised veal shank, butternut squash, roasted cipollini onions, Romanesco broccoli, Canotier de l’Isle shavings

Restaurant de L'Institut

Guinea fowl, fingerling potatoes, oyster mushroom, Jerusalem artichoke, Brussels sprouts

Restaurant de L'Institut

Catch of the Day (Halibut), barley pilaf, dulse, tomato confit, fennel, sweet and sour sauce, mullet roe

Recap of the main course: two of my friends took the veal shank and their significant others had a tasting of it. It seems that for one couple, it was bland and really nothing to call home about in terms of taste. However, it was braised very well. I took the guinea fowl along with someone else also. We talked about it and agreed that it was very good. Although, there was a comment about it tasting like turkey, which I can’t really disagree with. However, one point to note is that the sauce was really good, potatoes and Brussels sprouts were very good. It was the first time I tasted oyster mushrooms and that was super tasty as well. Only thing I’m not so sure about is the artichoke. Last, we have the catch of the day which was halibut. My husband took this choice and it seems fish shouldn’t be what he orders anymore because he felt like it wasn’t cooked enough. However, I did have a taste of it and it was done well although the onion or perhaps fennel taste was a tad strong.

Third service: Dessert

Restaurant de L'Institut

Cherry soup with kirsch and candied oranges, dark chocolate cremeux, gingerbread tuile

Restaurant de L'Institut

Apricot and buckwheat honey tart, lemon thyme ghost cheese cremeux, raspberry cube

And we got to the dessert. Cherry soup had the white pieces on top that seemed like it was meringue. I’m not exactly sure about the verdict of the cherry soup but the cherries tasted a little like maraschino cherries as one comment I remember but I can’t tell if that is a good or bad thing. However, the apricot and buckwheat honey tart was quite good. I got the version without the goat cheese on top and was compensated with more raspberry cubes. That part is awesome because the raspberry cubes were absolutely heavenly. The dash of sour fruity taste is just perfect. Its rare to find apricot desserts and this definitely had a nice taste to it. I can’t say it was the best tart (or more streudal) I’ve had but it was memorable because the thyme taste was also quite apparent adding an extra level of taste.

Overall…Restaurant de L’Institut is pretty decent. The service was very good especially seeing as we had myself with the allergies and while they kept forgetting to remove the goat cheese, they were always gracious enough to take care of it immediately. They offers a good wine service and nice explanation. We did have a glass of white wine that they recommended but I forgot to take a picture of it and the waitress described it very well also. The meal itself looked pretty and represented the fine dining aspect quite well. The food was pretty tasty.


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