Park Restaurant (Montreal, Canada)

Running season is finally over for one of my friends and to celebrate all his hard work and my help and also our friend’s birthday, he took us out for a meal at a top restaurant here in Montreal called Park Restaurant. For one, the decor in Park Restaurant is fantastic. Parking was actually not too hard to find and it is free earlier in that area and that is great. Parking sometimes is one of the reasons we stay away from complicated areas when choosing restaurant.

Park Restaurant

Park Restaurant

Both of my friends took the tasting menu. It was a little more expensive the night we went because bluefin tuna was part of the menu. I don’t know too much about sushi but it seemed that it was really good. I chose from the menu and I’ll have that at the bottom. Here is what the tasting menu looks like. I’ve noted the variations under the bottom. One had the hot dish 5 course tasting menu and the other had the 6 course sushi tasting menu.

Tasting Menus (5 and 6 course)

Park Restaurant

Park Restaurant

Park Restaurant

Park Restaurant

6 course Sushi Tasting Menu

Park Restaurant

5 course hot meal Tasting Menu

Park Restaurant

Part of the 6 course tasting menu

Park Restaurant


I can’t really comment on how they felt about it. I do believe they said the bluefin sushi was on point because they literally looked like they were in heaven when they took the bite. The presentation is fantastic though. Kudos to that. Plus the ambiance of the restaurant is very good as well.

My Meal

Park Restaurant

Organic Miso Soup

Park Restaurant

Braised Kalbi Short Ribs

I’m no Japanese food expert. However, I have had a good bit of miso soup before and this one actually tasted really good. Miso soup seems like that simple option that is a must when you go to a Japanese restaurant and that was what I wanted to try and plus, I wanted to see what makes it so “organic” and it did feel organic just from the ingredients inside tasting very loaded with flavors and texture.

Before I even got to the restaurant, I had my heart set on those Kalbi Short Ribs so it was no surprise that I would want it. First of all, they were super braised and done so well as in the texture and cook time and it was awesome. However, the taste is a little strong as the smell of it would suggest the moment the gigantic plate is placed in front of you. I felt like it was a tad too salty. It does make for the nice veggies on the side along with the sweet puree that was probably the highlight of the dish more than the ribs were. I love ribs but somehow, I feel like these were a little too much. But, I do want to point out that in the veggie department, they cooked some good brussel sprouts and even had lotus root in there and I love those so much.


Park Restaurant is a good choice. I can’t say that everything is a winner and I believe even my friends would say so as well. They have great service and very beautiful food presentation and a lovely ambiance which is half of a dining experience in itself. While I say that the food is a little stronger and heavy-handed in the salt department, it could also just be my personal preference because I eat rather bland foods. I enjoy foods with less flavoring and more popping out the natural taste in most cases. There are a few exceptions of course. However, the balance in the dish was there especially because they had the puree and the vegetables that were much lighter and cooked really well also. It was a good experience. I have my eye on a few other items on the menu to maybe try if I work up some money to go to this place again. It is very pricey and I’m not too sure if I think what I ate was truly worth the price but then I didn’t pay so I probably was more lenient. Just being honest, right? 😉

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