Unboxing: Horror Summer Blowout Sale!

It sure feels like Montreal has waved bye bye to summer but I’m always down for blowout sales and I’m going to be honest that I missed those frequent unboxing. It still won’t be a permanent thing since they are still pretty pricey (especially shipping, in my opinion) but Horror block has never disappointed me before and proved its worth over and over again so let’s check it out!

I’m going to make sure to get back to this new style of unboxing from now on as Youtube video! And I’m sorry that when I recorded myself it was so dark. Still figuring out the lighting!

That’s it for this unboxing! Hope you liked it!
Which item did you like the most?

10 thoughts on “Unboxing: Horror Summer Blowout Sale!

  1. I had to check this out. Awesome review video. I just received my Horror Block blowout box too. It was totally different. I love your mini-slasher figures. I want those 😉 Nice salt & pepper shakers too.

    I got a cool Ghostbusters shirt, Spike from Buffy figure, Psycho mug, and some other knick knacks. NerdBlock knows how to put together fun boxes. I always use those Shirtpunch coupons too (plus get mystery shirts). Today my Evil Dead Necronomicon and Gremlins shirt were also delivered from there. Happy Monday hehe.

    Thanks for putting together the video and reviewing these mystery boxes. They’re so fun to unbox. It’s like Christmas… Jack Skellington style 🙂

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