Vancouver & Kelowna: Vancouver & Visiting Storybrooke!

It is time to leave the beautiful Kelowna and the wonderful Okanagan Valley. With an early start to hit the road, we got Vancouver at a decent time. There was a lot of dropping off everyone at different locations. My mom stayed with her high school friend to chat and have fun and ended having lunch with them. My aunt and cousin went to their friends’ place before heading back home. We all said our goodbyes and it was officially the start of our belated honeymoon (since we didn’t have one last year when we got married)

The first stop was the lunch mentioned before which was at this wonton joint in a sketchy-looking place that drove my husband crazy with our parking story when a lady would not budge after he signaled to park. The joys of a big city, my friends. That is pretty much what we got from the entire trip which was not great especially driving a giant car like a  Ford Explorer, tight parking spots, unknown places and lots of traffic. It is one of the reasons why we usually don’t vacation in mega cities much just because we already live in one. So you’ll notice in the next few days that we actually don’t stay in Vancouver a lot but head out into the outskirts. That’s for the next few posts.



Steveston (aka Storybrooke)







Dinner at Moxie’s





That’s it for Day 4 of the trip! Not a lot really happened. The meals were decent. Steveston was really nice and gorgeous. It was relaxing and comfortable to walk around the town and by the waterfront. The highlight was definitely Steveston! I totally fangirled in Storybrooke. I will be getting back on track with Once Upon a Time soon!

6 thoughts on “Vancouver & Kelowna: Vancouver & Visiting Storybrooke!

  1. Aaaahhhhh!!! You went to Steveston!! I’m jealous!! (and you got some fab photos too!) When was this? Did you get to see them filming or meet any of the cast? Did you eat at Granny’s? I have some Tumblr friends who are there now and did a Swen meet-up for the premiere on Sunday so ate there; apparently it was quite good! OK, I will refrain from asking a million more questions (honestly, I only hate watch the show at this point, so I should be less excited, haha) but *squee*!!!

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    • Your reaction is something like mine when I got there. 🙂 I went in late August but just missed the filming which ended the weekend before. I didn’t eat at Granny’s or anywhere there unfortunately. We did do a long walk along the waterfront and checked out a good bit of the place. 🙂
      I stopped watching since the season before last. So I have quite a bit to catch up to…


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