Movies I’ve Been Wanting to Watch But Haven’t Yet!

As movie bloggers and just movie lovers in general, I’m sure you are exactly like me where we have a ton of movies that we want to see and sometimes, it just gets tossed in the back. We brush past them now and again but there’s always something else that takes precedence and it just doesn’t happen. Whenever I skim through My List on Netflix, that happens frequently. I guess that is why I have Netflix A-Z but working with the alphabet also sometimes pushes me to work outside of the main list, not to mention, every week there are new titles arriving and the threat of older titles leaving.

Here is a few of movies that I’ve wanted to watch since forever but haven’t yet!

Dear Mr. Watterson: An Exploration of Calvin & Hobbes (2013)

dear mr. watterson

I’m a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. Its kind of my go to place when I have a bad day and see my bookshelf in the den. I just can’t help to pull Calvin and Hobbes comics out and flip through it. Calvin and Hobbes embodies childhood and imagination above many other themes so well. Not to mention that the witty things and simple comebacks they all have. I’m not much of a documentary person but one about Calvin & Hobbes is something I can get behind.

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

beasts of southern wild

When Beasts of Southern Wild got released back in 2012, it caught so much attention and praise that I just couldn’t help but want to watch this. But then it also feels like a drama and maybe one that could be tear-inducing. I always hesitate a little whenever I get into those movies. Emotional movies tend to need a good mindset to turn it on.

Courage Under Fire (1996)

courage under fire

Meg Ryan! Enough said! I’m joking! I’m a huge Meg Ryan fan and I have a hidden goal of wanting to see all her movies and review it on the blog. Thing is, I used to watch it on TV and now that I’m older, I want to see it again. I’ve actually never watched Courage Under Fire but its been something I’ve wanted to check out. Plus, we all know that Denzel Washington is almost always in good movies.

The Last Unicorn (1982)

the last unicorn

One of my podcast co-hosts might be a little shocked that I haven’t seen The Last Unicorn is, especially since I’m really into animated movies. Somehow my parents never got this one for me to watch. I had a ton of The Land Before Time series and Studio Ghibli and of course, Disney, even Once Upon a Forest and Balto but nope, not this one. Plus, its a unicorn!

Rust and Bone (2012)

rust and bone

I feel like some of these titles are already praised so much that I’m just behind on everything. When I first wanted to see this, it was because of Marion Cotillard. I have a massive girl crush on her. She’s just elegant and a brilliant actress. That is until I saw Far from the Madding Crowd and learned who Mathias Schoenaerts is. And he is not only charming as heck but he is a great actor as well. The hesitation in this one is really the dramatic feeling it emits just from the poster and the title.

Which ones do you think I need to watch right away so I’m not missing out on something spectacular? What movies have been on your radar for a long time but you haven’t seen yet?


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