TV Binge: Zoo (Season 1, 2015)

Man, do I have a few TV Binge segments to post up! I have been trying to catch up with TV series quite a bit. I guess its all in the heart of just taking a little break from movie reviews and changing the pace a little.

Zoo has had my attention for a while. I finally decided to give it a go when I realized it had a Season 2. As I was watching it, news came out that it hasn’t been airing well.

Lets check out the first season and see!

ZOO (Season 1, 2015)

zoo poster

Creator: Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Jeff Pinkner

Cast: James Wolk, Kristen Connolly, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke, Nora Arnezeder, Henri Lubatti, Carl Lumbly

Zoo is kind of peculiar. The premise itself is viable. In fact, it was what draws me to watch this in the first place. It is adapted from James Patterson’s novel with the same name. I am searching up that novel soon and hopefully see how the source material works. As mentioned before, Zoo is based on a thriller by James Patterson about a scientist in South Africa that realizes that his father’s preposterous theory may actually be the reality of violent animal attacks around the world. This brings together this young scientist Jackson, his friend and safari guide, Abraham, veterinary pathologist Mitch, journalist Jamie and special agent Chloe. Together, they follow the abnormal animal attacks to try to figure out what is the problem and find a solution.


Zoo has some good moments but it is wrapped up in some weird acting and dialogue and some bad effects. Although, in all its bad quality, it still pulls me in especially with some decent characters and plotlines about the theory behind the world turning around and nature fighting back. That part is done well enough. I won’t give a hard time to the effects too much. For one, it always seems that TV probably has much less budget and it isn’t really about it. If you did make it to the season finale, that last scene was just simply ridiculous. It was a great last episode until that happens and I’m on the fence about what to expect in the next season.

Zoo Season 1

However, TV shows grow based a lot on charactera. If we can like some of them at least. There are a few here. My favorite goes to Abraham, played by Nonso Anozie. He was funny and honorable and at times, his one liners were great but he also has a sad backstory. Coincidence has it that Billy Burke is in this as the veterinary pathologist. And I saw this right before the Fantasia screening of Lights Out (review HERE) so he meant more to me in there. Billy Burke seems to fall into the character of Mitch Morgan. He plays the awkward smart guy who is torn down from being too egotistical before and keeping it on the down low now but trying to survive. His character develops quite a bit over the entire season and its probably why he appealed to me more. The other characters suffered a little, even if Jackson (played by James Wolk) is the main lead here or Chloe (played by Nora Arnezeder) or even Jamie (played by Kristen Connolly). Actually out of all this, Kristen Connolly is the familiar face as she was in Cabin in the Woods.  Honestly, her acting and her role is pretty good. Jackson’s character is a little hard to grasp. His character has a lot to be desired and while he is the main lead, he seems to make a lot of frustrating choices and gets lost in the situation. I’m sure that is deliberate. However, the funniest part that would make me eventually laugh at is that wide-eyed look from Chloe’s character whenever she would get nervous or scared or threatened or angry. Her eyeballs looks like it’ll pop out of her eye sockets. I appreciate a good eye expression but that is taking it a little too literally. However, other than that little part that entertained me slightly, Chloe is a strong character and keeps everyone together. She becomes rather likable.


What does grab attention the most in Zoo is the creative use of the animals gone wild. It highlights the situation around the world from their mutated intelligence. There is a secret in there but I’m staying away from it so that there aren’t spoilers. However, the way these animals react at times are chilling to think about. One scene in particular is probably the cats in the neighborhood all sitting in a tree and not getting down. There a lot more of these from bears to wild dogs to bats and much more that now for one have learned to know interspecies communication. Its some crazy stuff. If it wasn’t for the over-exaggeration of certain bits, this series is a definite winner.

There’s something here and I really hope it has the time to build up the series and attention because it seems to be heading in the right direction. I’m looking forward to catching up to Season 2 eventually.

What TV series have you been binge watching lately?

8 thoughts on “TV Binge: Zoo (Season 1, 2015)

    • Thanks! I think its worth a look as long as you prepare yourself for some overly dramatic acting. I honestly think that it won’t get renewed since Season 2 isn’t doing too great but the premise is fantastic. Maybe this is one of those cases, a movie might work better, keep it neat and tidy.

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  1. I’ve started a few Binge watches, but haven’t completed them yet – Star Wars, The Clone Wars and Californication. Both are great, but it is hard to stay with any show that last at least seven seasons no matter how good it is.

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