Three Movies I’ve Been Rewatching [July 2016]

Welcome to *hopefully* a new segment! I’ve been trying to figure out a list format for movies since a few years back but never really came up with anything. I know this idea isn’t anything novel and maybe one of my blogging friends even do it. But, I realize that a lot of times things are slow around here because I’m busy and when I multitask, I put on movies I’ve seen before all the time. Some of them, I haven’t reviewed and some I have. I will get around to reviewing those I haven’t that show up on the list but I thought it’d also be nice to be able to go back to share of my older reviews that some of you might not have seen, especially since the blogging scene has changed quite a bit! 🙂

I’m hoping this is going to be a monthly segment which will always be a monthly wrap-up format. What do you think? I might change the list around and theme it differently, who knows. My ideas churning in my head always change.


The AristoCats (1970)

The AristoCats

The review for this one is coming up for the Baking Through Disney project. I know its ridiculous and slowed down but I’m going to be making it really soon!

The AristoCats is my go-to animated Disney movie. For one, I love cats and second, it has some adorable and fun songs. Three, ITS DISNEY! I think that pretty much answers everything. It holds a special place in my heart ever since I first saw years and years ago. My favorite character are the kittens, of course! They are so silly. And definitely Scat Cat and his band.

Justice, My Foot! (1992)

Justice My Foot

Also no review for this one! I haven’t done a review on a Stephen Chow classic in a while so I’m going to get on that really soon.

I love Stephen Chow! He is literally the definition of humor to me. I guess if you read my The Mermaid review (or God of Gamblers 2 or Tricky Brains), you get a good idea of how much he’s influenced me and my appreciation for humor. As stupid and absurd as it is sometimes, its actually all very smart and even more so when I speak Cantonese and understand it well so it doesn’t even get lost in translation and I wish everyone could get it like I did. Justice, My Foot! isn’t one I watched frequently but it also reminds me of the talent the Hong Kong industry has lost over the years, notably Anita Mui here and how Mimi Chu hasn’t done any movies in ages and she’s fantastic.

Mean Girls (2004)

mean girls

I swore I reviewed it but apparently I didn’t yet! Regardless, Mean Girls is possibly the first teen movie that I saw which totally converted me. You know, the days when I thought Lindsay Lohan was fantastic in her teen comedies (Just like Amanda Byne and She’s the Man). That said, Mean Girls is pretty awesome. It is pretty funny and saw the beginning careers of Rachel McAdam which shows how far she’s gone looking at last year’s performance in Spotlight (which I reviewed HERE) and Lizzy Caplan (whether its in Cloverfield or Bachelorette). Of course, we also can’t forget Amanda Seyfried (who I liked in Mamma Mia! and Letters to Juliet). Back to the movie, Mean Girls is 12 years old! I cannot believe it! It packs in a lot of humor and silliness and its plain ridiculous in parts but still so very enjoyable.

Honorable Mention: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015)

I know this is a new movie and I just had my review go up for The Timely  Blogathon earlier in July but I’ve rewatched it at least three times since then.

That’s my list!
What have you been rewatching?

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