Game Warp Podcast: Let’s Review Oxenfree!

Welcome to the new episode of Game Warp! This month’s featured game is Oxenfree, a coming of age tale mixed with a supernatural thriller with a choice-based element. Elwood and I did a few livestreams on the game. I actually will be finishing up the continued timeline livestream soon. Maybe even tonight. Keep an eye on the Game Warp Podcast Twitter and Facebook for any updates on that. Oxenfree was one of my most anticipated games this year! I’m pretty glad that we played it as one of the featured games. There’s lots to talk about from characters, storyline, dialogue, and especially the art work and voice acting, even a little about the studio, Night School Studio.

Hope you enjoy! This episode includes gameplay in the background.

If there is any games, you’d like us to review on our homebase That Moment In or talk about as a featured game, you can find contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just about anything! We will also be livestreaming on Twitch. However, we have no set schedule although I’m working on at least setting one block of time for it soon. 🙂

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