The Perfect Husband (2014)

Another random movie choice that was just released today on Bluray and DVD. It is interesting how these things fall in place. This one definitely did peak my interest since it is a thriller and you all know how much I love those.

Let’s check it out!

The Perfect Husband (2014)

the perfect husband

Director: Lucas Pavetto

Cast: Gabriella Wright, Bret Roberts, Carl Wharton, Tania Bambaci, Daniel Vivian

A married couple decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, but the romantic journey takes a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion becomes pure madness.-IMDB

The Perfect Husband is one of those movies that rely a lot on setting up a situation. In fact, The Perfect Husband takes about two-thirds of the movie to set up  the whole set and still manage to twist it all around by the end of it. Except it is well-crafted that everything fits together. Except for one scene that I’m still debating about what it all meant. However, that shows a lot of attention to detail and just the thought put into realizing a film like this one. The Perfect Husband however might not be for everyone because it gives you lots and lots of build-up and more and more questions and it all seems like a harmless drama except for the few lingering and uneasy moments that is somewhat expected. It brings in a lot of suspicious glances and secrets and the like before that one moment where it all unleashes in the final third. The Perfect Husband takes patience but the reward is rather satisfying.

The Perfect Husband

Let us not get ahead of ourselves and give it a little breakdown. We’ve only gone through a rundown of the story and execution. Before we step into the characters and cast, there is one thing about the execution of the film that I question if it was the right thing to do: the pacing for the first two-thirds. What I mean is that, while I can understand the use of pacing and it making us connect and understand the characters a little more and a lot more to ponder. Would it have been more effective setting up the twist a little earlier? Give it a little more engagement before just turning it all around. Of course, that isn’t to say that the execution now has any particular issues because the pay-off is quite worth it.

The Perfect Husband features a small cast. Its main leads take up most of the screen time with a few moments of the ranger played by Carl Wharton and a gypsy played by Daniel Vivian.Our main characters are husband and wife played by Bret Roberts and Gabriella Wright respectively. While both their roles takes a while to warm up to, they really create a depth for both the characters. In the start, without knowing much about what happened to the couple, its hard to understand why the husband is all full of surprises and the wife is really hard to deal with. As it slowly unveils to her losing her child, it also shows from the start that the two have secrets which makes us also question why this is a secret if they were married in the first place. At times, the dialogue made it feel like they had just met. Whether that is fully answered in the end, is still a question that perhaps is left for the individual viewer to each draw their own conclusion. For myself, it is half and half. While I can vaguely see the reason, it does seem far-fetched and less deliberate than some parts of the dialogue being a weaker part of the script.

The Perfect Husband

Overall, The Perfect Husband is not perfect. There are flaws in dialogue and even the pacing could be done a little better. Although the first act lacks a little momentum, the second act does a good job of setting up questions and the stage for the full turn of events in the third (and final) act that really causes us to hold our breath until completely knocking us off our feet with the finale. The Perfect Husband is not perfect but creates enough surprises that for the patient audience, it is worth a watch.


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