Netflix A-Z: Copenhagen (2014)

We are back with another indie title in the Netflix A-Z. We are independent filmed themed for this round which is making it really exciting to watch.  Netflix has been on fire with their new TV series releases of late though and its tempting me to catch up with Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black. Not to mention, I might be like the 10% in the world that hasn’t seen Gotham series yet. To be honest, I haven’t seen many movies lately because of new projects and whatnot. My other posts highlights those things. Our C selection is Copenhagen. Never heard of it before it landed on Netflix but it had a cool poster and an intriguing summary. Why not, right?

Let’s check it out!

Copenhagen (2014)


Director (and writer): Mark Raso

Cast: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Sebastian Armesto, Mille Dinesen, Olivia Grant, Gordon Kennedy

When the girl of your dreams is half your age, it’s time to grow up.-IMDB

Nice job IMDB. Just go ahead and use the movie tagline for your summary. Allow me to elaborate. William is an immature guy who finds a letter from his father to his grandfather that was never sent out after he was going through the belongings after his death.  With letter in hand, he sets off on a journey with his best friend Jeremy and reluctantly, Jeremy’s girlfriend to Copenhagen to find and deliver the letter. However, things don’t quite work out and William ends up alone on his mission. Luckily, in an unexpected event, he meets Effy who eventually helps him trace his grandfather as both a guide and companion. As their relationship grows, William soon learns that Effy is only fourteen and the dynamic has changed even if the feelings are hard to ignore.

copenhagen 2014

One of the most remarkable parts of Copenhagen is that Copenhagen itself is beautiful. When Effy takes William around time to capture the moments of pictures where his father was smiling to relive those memories per se, it was an adventure to jump into those moments. Tivoli and even at night seeing the mermaid; its the feeling of joy and adventure and sharing genuinely good times with friends. That is what Copenhagen captures the best in this movie. I can’t say that the story itself is unique but rather choosing to set it in a not so frequently used location (I could be wrong) like Copenhagen.

copenhagen 2014

What does bring Copenhagen to life is its vibrant characters. William, played by Gethin Anthony is rather cliche was the immature 28 year old guy who pulls tantrums and acts rather carefree when there is definitely something he’s searching for. Something about finding his roots seems so important to him even if he doesn’t look like that sort of guy. However, Effy is the one that steals both William’s and our hearts.  She does such a great job from her facial expressions to her genuine enthusiasm.  She is such a sweet character.  I’ve never heard of Frederikke Dahl Hansen but I sure hope she does more movies. On top of that, William and Effy’s relationship, while maybe the focus isn’t the point but rather highlights their characters and gives us also a chance to connect with them. While their age difference is an issue, what they have is not even that sexual but rather natural feelings that grow during their time together and they learn from each other.

Copenhagen 2014

Copenhagen is a simple movie. The story itself is rather cliche and maybe some of the characters are as well. What shines in it is the location and the charismatic and charming main leads, especially the character of Effy and that is the important part because they override any other feelings you might feel. Its an adventure wrapped in drama and some laughs. Copenhagen is worth a watch.

Have you seen Copenhagen? What do you think of it?

2 thoughts on “Netflix A-Z: Copenhagen (2014)

  1. I loved it and completely fell in love with Effy. What a sweet and charming girl and I love how William comes to care deeply for her in such a short time. I get the feeling at the end that she left a lasting impression on him. Copenhagen is now on my bucket list as well. I would watch it again.

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    • Looking back at this post, its been a year since I’ve seen it and surprisingly, I still remember some of the moments. Definitely on that reminds us sometimes its the people that brush past us in life that may leave a life-changing impression. Glad to hear you liked it. 🙂


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