Netflix A-Z: Bound (2015)

Suffice to say, this was a change in plan for me. The original choice was absolutely indie. This one is just low budget Asylum and it isn’t horror. Surprise! Bound is a “drama thriller”. I didn’t know it was Asylum Productions before I was drafting this up. Enough said, right? That might give you a guideline of the expectations you should have…in general.

Let’s check it out! 🙂

Bound (2015)

Bound 2015

Director: Jared Cohn

Cast: Charisma Carpenter, Bryce Draper, Morgan Obenreder, Michael Monks, Daniel Baldwin, Noel Arthur

The daughter of a wealthy real estate broker falls in love with a younger man, who introduces her to B&D and S&M. Using her newly awakened sexual prowess, she finally takes charge of her own life.-IMDB

Right when I thought Asylum horror was most of the time pretty bad, except for you know, Sharknado was is bad but a guilty pleasure (for some, me included). Dipping into this mystery, drama, suspense, or whatever you want to call it, maybe a Fifty Shades of Grey wanna-be, was not a good idea. In fact it was a boring and rather ridiculous idea. The sad part is that there are some known cast here and this is where I ask the question of why this seemed like a good movie to be a part of. Maybe I shouldn’t jump ahead too much and lets look at this bit by bit and maybe I’ll have something good to say.


The story is flawed and a little stupid. Divorcee meets a younger guy (or I think he is). He says some pretty bad dialogue about calling him Daddy and how he owns her on their “date” and has some sex on her dad’s office desk. She falls into the world of BDSM and enters this dominant-submissive relationship with this guy she knows nothing about. At the same time, she’s struggling to convince her dad that their real estate company still has a shot but she just blows off important meetings for sex and brings rude boys to important functions and accepts to put a sex toy in her underwear to put in his control. We haven’t even touched on the daughter or the father (played by Daniel Baldwin). The daughter and her relationship seem good but yet way too casual but then maybe its just a culture difference. However, the story simply isn’t convincing especially with some stranger that pops out of nowhere. It is predictable to no end and we haven’t talked about the dialogue which was clunky and not sexy at all.

Bound 2015

I didn’t know any of the cast before but in the heart of wanting to know a little bit more, I did some research. It turns out I have seen Charisma Carpenter, the female lead here who plays Michelle in Veronica Mars as Kendall Casablanca. She was also in Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems she must have some popularity. Then we have a younger cast for male lead, Bryce Draper where this is  his first full feature movie. I guess the last person to mention is Daniel Baldwin but then I’m not sure he has a decent filmography but you know, he is a Baldwin.

Bound 2015

The deal with Bound is that its hard to pinpoint what went wrong. My guess is that the script just didn’t work because the story was not good and the dialogue was even worse. It was clunky and at times pathetically laughable. The camerawork didn’t always stay coherent with what was going on. Point is there is a lot wrong and I honestly don’t think the cast could be at fault here because they might have done the best they could.

Have you seen Bound? 

I promise you, my C selection is going to be good, or at least reputably better, since I can’t predict how I feel about movies in advance.  My guess is that it won’t be hard to find.


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