Netflix A-Z: Raze (2013)

For the R selection of Netflix A-Z, we’re at Raze.  No idea why I picked and don’t even remember when I added to my list but right now, I pretty much dump any movie I think would resemble some sort of indie-ish horror whatnot in there at times. Why not, right? It had an average rating and interesting enough.

Let’s check it out! 🙂

Raze (2013)


Director: Josh C. Waller

Cast: Zoe Bell, Tracie Thoms, Bailey Anne Borders, Bruce Thomas, Rebecca Marshall, Doug Jones, Sherilyn Fenn

Raze, a horror/action film, focuses on two abducted women & 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands.-IMDB

 What IMDB means is 52 abducted women.  There’s a focus on one woman specifically played by Zoe Bell called Sabrina. Somehow, I can’t picture Zoe Bell as a Sabrina. Is it just me? Regardless, that is just a technicality. Possibly a handful of the other women abducted are also more significant than the others.  And even Rosario Dawson makes a cameo role for like one scene. Just to be clear, these locked in fights are in a little circular enclosed area in some underground operation and they fight with their bare hands till the opponent is dead.  Its that or their loved ones are killed and if they die, well, their loved ones are still killed.  Now that we have all the basics down, we can talk about Raze.


Raze has something going for it.  I’m not sure how relevant what its trying to say is to the audience but I’m sure it is trying to make a statement of some sort about hidden societies or the never ending ways of women imprisonment and that sort of thing.  The story value of this isn’t quite much.  I’d say about 70% of the movie is watching one brutal fight after the next and they definitely do get some points for showing some rather violent and bloody scenes. Its hard to not give them merit for making those scenes particularly effective.  Deal is, with those scenes, you need to have characters that you are rooting for.  Raze just dumps the audience into the fighting grounds and leak little bits of story about a few women who have someone on the line or if they are violent because they don’t. Point is, if you manage to connect with the ladies here, then you will find Raze a rather well-done movie but if you don’t , then the it might feel meaningless.


That’s not saying that the story itself tries to be something more.  The couple running this operation is rather disturbed.  Its hard to know what these people are and how this all started and even what the point is. At least even after they explained it, it just seemed like they are rather unhinged.   Even the addition of the head guard that is rather brutal to especially Sabrina was done in a pretty effective way.  I’m pretty sure he’s not a little crazy but he definitely has some sort of authority high that pushes him to react in certain situations the way he does.  If we’ve seen enough movies, there’s only one way a story like this will go and Raze takes every single step that you’d expect. From who wins in the epic fight to the last survivor to what happens after and is their release a real thing. Its all painfully predictable that I can’t say that it surprised me even when I knew it was meant to be one.


 I’m not exactly sure what to say about it. Raze is an average movie.  Its a lot of brutal fights.  The story might feel a little empty.  There are some familiar faces and some characters do stand out to be a focal point of reaching the tipping point of the situation.  The good part is that Raze isn’t long and its never bad.  It might not be an easy watch though because it does have violent fights and lots of blood and gushing, bone snapping sound effects.  I’d like to believe that there is something it wants to say here but somehow the execution of it makes it gets lost. I know its not a great review but I honestly thought there was some good bits and some not so good but it can a good choice for a rainy day (if you don’t mind violent and brutal scenes).

Have you seen Raze? What did you think?

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