Breakfast: Le Cartet (Old Montreal)

There’s no better way to start the week than with some lovely food posts.  At least I love looking at food-related stuff to start off my week.  In My Weekly Adventures post, I had promised a breakfast/brunch double feature and here it is! Well, its not a double feature because I think Le Cartet deserves a post all to itself!

Let’s jump right into it!


Le Cartet is a fun dining experience.  The restaurant is very big and its part of the back 75% of the store.  In the front area is a little boutique with a lot of nifty little organic foods.  The assortment of chocolates, particularly dark chocolate is amazing. There’s also a little coffee bar right in front of the reception/waiting area. There’s a lot to look at even if there is a little waiting.  We were rather lucky since we got there before 10am and didn’t have to wait but right after we got seated, the crowd started arriving and by the time we left, there was quite a few people waiting.

The seating is unique.  The decor has a lot of style that matches where its situated in Old Montreal. Its not too bright but not too dark either.  The tables are some that are the normal square ones but it also has a seating on long tables like in a lunch room but with individual chairs.  So technically, you might end up sitting next to another group.  That is what happened to us, but there’s enough space to not feel crammed surprisingly.

Le Cartet

Le Cartet

Brunch des Cantons

Le Cartet

Brunch des Toscans (maybe?)

Le Cartet

Le Cartet

There was a selection of teas to choose from which is usually only available in these more delicate restaurants.  Brunch des Cantons is amazing.  It comes in a pan and is cooked in duck fat so everything just melts and the highlight is the ham.  Its not like the traditional ham we get at other restaurants sliced.  This one is really delicious and just simply awesome!  I have the other plates that my friends got but I cannot remember which they are on the menu.  The last one is the Smoked Salmon platter. I think everyone enjoyed their food.  The smoked salmon was a lot since they struggled to finish it.

Overall, Le Cartet is fantastic and deserves a visit if you are ever in Montreal.  Just remember to try to get there a little earlier to avoid waiting! 🙂

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