I Remember You (I Remember You #1) by Scarlett Metal

I Remember You (I Remember You #1)
by Scarlett Metal

I Remember You

Lance never got over his teenage love despite years of trying to forget her with alcohol, music, and other women.   Samantha dated lots of different guys after Lance, guys most girls would love to have even a chance with. No one can make her happy though; she compares them all to Lance.  Fate brings them together when Lance is in town for some family business. They end up spending a passionate night together but can they be more? Can they finally find their happily ever after? – Goodreads

Goodreads rating: 3/5 (read 3.5/5 except I didn’t round up as it wasn’t exactly a 4/5 material)

I Remember You is a romance novella with mature content. The story set up is very well done as we flip through the past story of our couple, Samantha and Lance. We see their perspective when they were younger in a continuous flow of the story from one angle to the next. That is a good approach as it makes it more real and captures the key events. Plus it gives the audience a big picture idea of the situation where we wonder when said situation will be revealed to the other party.

At the same time, we also have a parallel to the present. Being a novella, its done in a quick but not rushed way. Its definitely an aspect I appreciate quite a bit. None of the scenes are dragged out and unknowingly in that short time I connnected with the relationships these characters have. Its a little cheesy and the story is quite formulaic as a lot romances are but I’m forgiving about romances because it embraces a part of us that desires romance or an intensely passionate one. It is probably the cheesy romantic in me that is talking and surfaces in its rare moment. I Remember You captures the romantic connection really well.

The only minor bit I would criticize is the overly drawn out intimate scene in one part. While I don’t mind reading sex scenes and this one was done really well, it dragged on a little too much in proportion to the novel itself. It does try to maintain class even in this scene but still, it had a bit of the erotica novel cheesiness that I’m not exactly a huge fan of.

It comes as a surprise that this is part of a series which after some research, there is a second book to the I Remember You series.  I’ll definitely give that one a go eventually. Overall, its a quick and decent romantic read. The only place that makes to lose a little is in the predictability and the drawn out sex scene that lost a little of its meaning.  The ending was also a little rushed despite having an epilogue and trying to wrap it up. If you like romance novellas, this is worth a read.

5 thoughts on “I Remember You (I Remember You #1) by Scarlett Metal

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  2. I’m not a fan of drawn out sex scenes either. Actually, much prefer if authors leave a little something to the imagination. Think it’s more fun when they keep us guessing. Is “Scarlett Metal” the author’s name? How weird is that? I’m not sure I would bother to read this book. Doesn’t sound like a resounding endorsement. :/

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    • Scarlett Metal might be a pseudonym. I haven’t looked into it any further. I Remember You is not bad. For what it is, its a little generic but its okay. I wouldn’t be opposed to reading the sequel if it was also available for free..haha!
      But then, I’m working through all the free books I got off of Amazon in the last 2-3 years so I’m expecting a lot of weird stuff hanging around the reviews for a little while..haha. I’m keeping an open mind on whats to come. I have a feeling maybe this is one of the better ones…

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      • Haha! Thanks Butterfly! Quite the compliment that I will take but if you look at my Goodreads, there are books that I haven’t gone back to for a few years which I should. These freebies on Amazon are just quick reads and I want to give indie books a chance, you know?

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