Ultimate 80s Blogathon Conclusion

This time its for real! Ultimate 80s Blogathon comes to a close! It was a fantastic run! You’ll get me and Drew’s thank you and final words for this blogathon!
Before you head over, we figured we might as well throw it out there. We’ve been suggested to have 90s Blogathon. Its not going to be at least a few months, IF we do put it together. You know scheduling and life and all that lovely stuff. But we would like to throw it out there whether anyone would like a 90s Blogathon or any other decade at that. Drop a comment on this reblog post or over at Drew’s. We’ll see if we can make it happen 🙂
Please do head over to see all the posts and our final conclusion and thoughts on Ultimate 80s Blogathon!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hey there, dear readers!

Here we are at last, the end of our cinematic journey through the 1980s.  My lovely co-host, Kim, and I didn’t know what kind of participation to expect when we were organizing this blogathon.  The number of bloggers who joined in was astounding and blew away our expectations. In case you missed any of the entries, here they all are in one convenient location:

Serendipitous AnachronismsPretty in Pink

Movie Movie Blog BlogBeetlejuice

Wolffians Classics Movie DigestSplash

Michelle, Books and Movies AddictPretty in Pink

Steve Says…Stand By Me

Tranquil Dreams – The Breakfast Club (Kickoff)

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Top Gun (Kickoff)

Prime Six Blogs80s War Film Series

Movie Reviews 101Child’s Play

Confessions of a Geek MindTrading Places

That Moment InKrull

Ramblings of a CinephileMad Max…

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