Unboxing: Arcade Block [February 2016]

We’re back with another unboxing! We’re at our last block for a little while.  We will be resubscribing eventually but for now, my husband and I have decided to de-clutter our house before getting any more of this (among many of the reasons). Arcade Block is a lot of fun but I’ll be having some fun stuff coming up still! 🙂

Let’s check out February’s Arcade Block!

Arcade Block [February 2016]

Map of Hyrule Towel Set [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

More Zelda gear! I swear, Arcade Block never ceases to remind me how I’m behind on Zelda games and just getting into this world. I’m not sure its my type of game though, to be honest.

Sonic the Hedgehog Drinking Cup [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

OMG! Hands down! My most excited moment in this unboxing! I love Sonic to pieces and I’ve always wanted a drinking up like this, you know, those double walled ones? Yeah, I love it! 🙂

Hyrulian Treasure Chest [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

This is yet more Zelda but its a pretty cute box.  I can take out that cardboard and gem thing and use it to store little tidbits of office supplies or something 😉 Super adorable!

Bit.Trip Collection Video Game [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

The first thing my husband did when he handed this over to me was that I could play it on my computer.  Deal is, my friend built my computer and at that time, it was for other purposes that didn’t require a graphics card and now that I’m getting back into gaming, I kind of need it but this one probably doesn’t and that is what he means.  I’m pretty intrigued at checking this out 😉

Mushroom and Pipe Shakers [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Isn’t this adorable? I’m not sure it beats my Pacman Ghosts one though but the idea of stacking it up is really awesome! I’ll figure out somewhere to put this 😉

Pokemon Evolutions T-Shirt [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

As usual, we wrap things up with the T-Shirt.  This time, its the 20th anniversary for Pokemon. Its been 20 years? Wow! Now, I’m starting to feel a little old. There were also two other ones which were different patterns and was blue or orange. I think it looks really cool! 🙂

Overall…A great February Arcade Block as always.  My favorite goes to the lovely shirt design and the Sonic Drinking Cup. We got games and shakers and those are both fun and useful! In general, I can make use with everything here and that is what is always great about Arcade Blocks.  I’m definitely coming back in a few months after we get some more organizing in our house done.  Its been dragging on for too long and we need to figure some stuff out before committing to this again.  However, we do have another box subscription which is why this could be set aside for now.

There are some fun stuff planned coming up, either events or unboxing or whatnot! I promise you more fun times! Always remember that when I set something aside, I always have thought up some sort of alternative 🙂

What gear do you like in this Arcade Block?

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